• October 02, 2013

Cloud Help Desk: Whiteboard Wednesday

Trapp Technology

Cloud Help Desk: Whiteboard Wednesday

Cloud Help Desk: Whiteboard Wednesday 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Managing Your Server With Cloud Help Desk

Managing your cloud shouldn’t be a cumbersome experience. We’ve perfected the experience with the right amount of both DIY and live support resources. Get in, get out, and get back to work with Trapp Technology Cloud Help Desk!

So what kind of support do we offer? Take a look at this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday video to find out!

Trapp Technology Cloud Help Desk: Whiteboard Wednesday

The Trapp Technology Cloud Help Desk website is a one-stop shop where you can reset your password, add or remove users, and update your financial professional’s information.

While we provide many ways for you to update your cloud settings online, we know that there’s nothing that can replace a live support staff. Trapp Technology prides themselves on being 100% U.S.-based, and that includes our phone support. You can reach our friendly and knowledgeable support team 24/7/365. All of these support features are included in your cloud hosting at no additional charge. Part of our help desk solution includes a dedicated on-boarding specialist that will assist your move to the cloud. We’ll take care of facilitating conference calls and make sure you are up and running smoothly.

Trapp Technology coordinated with my IT guy and made my Timberline migration flawless. We went from looking at 10 days lost to being back in business within 12 hours. They area 14 on a scale of 10!
— Sonny Jumani, Tulfa Realty, LLC

We pride ourselves on providing you the greatest cloud customer service possible. With the Trapp Technology Help Desk, you’re able to reach us quickly, update your account efficiently, and utilize tools that will keep your cloud happy. Swing by the Trapp Technology Cloud Help Desk and take a peek!

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Get Cloud Help Desk Support With Our Cloud Solutions Today!

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