• November 14, 2016

Cloud Hosting Microsoft Office Professional 2016

Cloud Hosting Microsoft Office Professional 2016

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Hosting Microsoft Office Professional 2016 on the cloud combines all the new features from the most recent update. More than 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office from basic word processing to enterprise financial spreadsheets. Cloud Hosting Microsoft Office Professional 2016 takes all your favorite Microsoft applications and data everywhere you go.

Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Includes:

• Word 2016
• Excel 2016
• PowerPoint 2016
• OneNote 2016
Outlook 2016
• Publisher 2016
• and Access 2016

What’s New with Microsoft Office Professional 2016:

• Keyboard, Pen, and Touchscreen Functionalities
• “Tell Me” search feature provides easy to follow how-to instructions
•  Dark, Dark Gray, and Colorful theme options for preferred aesthetics
•  “Insights”, powered by Bing, offers relevant information from web
•  Word review comments and reply capabilities
•  Seamless PDF to Word editing capabilities
•  New Excel tools for pattern recognition and auto-complete data
•  Basic forecasting with one-click visualization of future trends
• PowerPoint presentation shareable link
• Embed files codes on OneNote notebooks
• Online photo printing options for Publisher

Popular software and older versions are still transitioning to integrate with Outlook 2016 as it changes the API for MailTO commands. For example, email calls have changed and software that uses Outlook to send mail must be “MailTO: and Click-to-Run compatible” with Office 2016. Early Adopters should know that it’s important to VERIFY that any software used which integrates with Office is 2016 compatible to ensure proper functionalities and deliver maximum value.

Learn how to host your Microsoft Office Professional 2016 software and get a 30 Day Cloud Test Drive today!

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