• October 28, 2016

What Is an IT Roadmap and Why Do You Need One?

IT Roadmap Development

What Is an IT Roadmap and Why Do You Need One?

What Is an IT Roadmap and Why Do You Need One? 1080 721 Trapp Technology

What if I told you you could be drastically overspending on your IT? How about if I said you were severely understaffed?

There are many concerns with today’s IT leadership; I’m sure you’re well aware of what they are. A few key concerns entail questions like, “What is the right level of proactive IT spending for the business?”, “Is the security up to par with my competitors? What is my current security risk?”, and “Do we have the right Applications and Software in place to grow and be scalable?”. These questions can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Our IT Roadmap helps you answer these questions and so much more.

First things first, what is an IT Roadmap anyway?

An IT Roadmap is a service that provides a thorough assessment of your company’s current IT setup and equips you with a strategic plan. Everything from your hardware and software to the people within your organization. We get in, we get out, you flourish.

Our IT Roadmap and assessment focuses on squeezing every last drop of value from every area of your IT department. Depending on your primary business goals and what you would like to concentrate on, we figure out a plan to see which areas need the most love. One of the key pieces of completing an IT roadmap is ensuring your company is ready for the expected growth that will (inevitably!) occur.

IT is the backbone of just about all businesses in today’s competitive landscape. It is the sole source of productivity and the primary driving factor of 99% of the functions within a company. We want to help you ensure you’re doing it right.

What are the main benefits of the IT Roadmap?

There are so many benefits to having an IT assessment done on your business. Our clients find that they end up saving more money after than they would have without the assessment. Our IT Roadmap is designed to help your business thrive by developing long-term goals that are flexible enough to change when needed. These goals enable your business to stay on plan, even when things take a different route. Stay proactive rather than reactive with a solid plan built with your business 100% in mind.

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So, who needs an IT Assessment?

Our clients are smart and evolving small to mid-sized businesses who know they need a plan. Are you unsure if you’re overspending or underspending on your current IT setup? A recent Gartner report stated that IT spending “is expected to hit $3.5 trillion in 2017, up 2.9% from 2016.” Are you sure you’ve got your budget setup to grow properly and you’re not wasting money? If you are an IT manager or a CFO, you need to know where you stand with your budget and our IT Roadmap will show you exactly where that is.

How does the IT Assessment work? What is the process?

Our highly experienced team of experts will visit your place of work and assess everything they see. The three most important areas of focus are Process, People, and Technology. Within those areas we break them down even further, and then from there, even further. Seeing your business broken down in these areas ensures we can see the entire image of your business and IT department so we can get to the core of what your needs are.

Why choose Trapp Technology to complete your IT Roadmap?

We are a growing IT Services provider, located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona (serving customers nationwide) that takes great pride in the work we do for our clients. We are on a mission dedicated to “Redefining IT Solutions for Business” by delivering comprehensive solutions while exceeding our customer’s’ highest expectations.

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