• October 17, 2016

Better Office Solutions: QuickBooks Case Study

Better Office Solutions: QuickBooks Case Study

Better Office Solutions: QuickBooks Case Study 1080 720 Trapp Technology

“The best experience over the last 5 years is customer support. Being able to contact someone 24/7, get questions answered, and issues resolved by phone or email. Customer support has been fantastic!”

Customer: Better Office Solutions (BOSS)

Website: betterofficesolutions.com

Location:  Tucson, Arizona

Industry:  Financial Services

Partner:  Trapp Technology

Website: www.TrappTechnology.com

Customer Profile

With over 25 years of experience, Kevin Marshall, CPA and Owner of Better Office Solutions (BOSS) sought a cloud-hosting solution to transition from on-premise to a 100% virtual server environment firm to deliver outsourced accounting, payroll, tax, and consulting services to clients in Arizona and nationwide.

As a member of the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants, Marshall found Trapp Technology through a monthly periodical promoting a cloud-hosting solution designed with accountants in mind.

Trapp Technology customized a cloud-hosting solution that enabled BOSS to have anytime, anywhere access to full-featured accounting software with a built-in financial professional portal. As a result, BOSS streamlined accounting processes, reduced costs, and gained a formidable competitive advantage.

Trapp Technology client, Kevin Marshall, is a CPA and owner of Better Office Solutions (BOSS). BOSS delivers superior onsite bookkeeping and accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses to a national client base with offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. With over 25 years of industry-renowned experience, Marshall has been awarded and honored for his innovative vision to meet transforming market demand.

Business Challenges

On-Premise TCO
Based in Tucson, BOSS’s on-premise servers required in-house IT personnel for ongoing monitoring and maintenance. As business grew, so did frustrations and costs associated with multiple on-premise server environments.

When servers would fail, BOSS suffered a significant loss of productivity and revenue. In one instance, malware outside the scope of their in-house IT caused downtime for over 24 hours, costing approximately $2,000 of unbillable hours and leading to purchase more backup servers.

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Limitations with QuickBooks Online
In addition to subpar performance, QuickBooks Online, a virtual alternative to traditional QuickBooks Desktop software, lacked essential accountant features. Intuit’s offshore call center caused miscommunications and became unreliable for issue resolution. “I haven’t spoken to Intuit support in over 10 years,” Marshall recalls.


Trapp Technology Cloud Hosting
To become a fully cloud-hosted environment, Marshall leverages Trapp Technology’s cloud hosting solutions to host various software and email on a dedicated-server environment that’s maintained, operated, and backed-up off-site by Trapp Technology.

Financial Professional Portal
Clients of BOSS who are also clients of Trapp are able to provide secure data access to their CPAs who utilize a Financial Professional Portal. Designed with accountants in mind, this built-in feature uses real-time data to create more efficient collaboration between clients and staff.

Custom Cloud Environment
Flexible integration of complementary software, applications, plug-ins, and add-ons allow BOSS to streamline processes and increase productivity company-wide.

World-class Support
Dedicated onboarding specialists successfully transition CPAs and new clients. BOSS can reach Trapp Technology’s Arizona-based knowledgeable customer support team via phone, email, or online ticket submission 24/7/365.

The Result

BOSS is now a 100% cloud-hosted CPA firm and no longer requires on-premise servers and in-house IT. In multiple instances, Trapp quickly recovered their recently backed-up accounting files, saving months and costs associated with data restoration.

As QBO to desktop conversion processes became more difficult, Trapp’s support team worked diligently with Marshall to create a solution that would ease frustration. Through a collaborative effort and proper documentation, new clients transitioning from QBO to Trapp’s cloud hosting solution are converted easily and instantaneously.

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Marshall is highly satisfied with Trapp’s world-class support in and outside of cloud solutions. He is able to leverage IT expertise to resolve simple to complex issues as they arise and gain peace of mind with 24/7 availability.


Aside from gaining a competitive advantage, increased efficiency, and overall productivity, BOSS views Trapp Technology as a business-critical partner for specialized knowledgebase and comprehensive IT solutions.

QuickBooks cloud hosting - Trapp Technology Case Study

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