• April 15, 2015

The Benefits of Tax Software On The Cloud

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The Benefits of Tax Software On The Cloud

The Benefits of Tax Software On The Cloud 1080 454 Trapp Technology

It’s Tax Day: Advantage of Tax Software on the Cloud

Tax season is a busy time of year for us but tax professionals know it better than any of us. Today is Tax Day which means their work is nearly finished. For those professionals who hosted their tax software with Trapp Technology, they got to experience a lot of benefits that freed up their time and made them more productive.

There are many reasons Tax professionals love our cloud hosting and why they come to us to host their tax software! We give them a service that is valuable to their business, clients, and their wallets. With your tax software hosted on the cloud, you get better, safer access to your information while giving yourself a more flexible schedule. Here are the benefits of hosting on the cloud and some testimonials from our happy clients.

Anytime, Anywhere Access: CPAs and Tax consultants love the freedom they get when they can access their software from anywhere at any time. Tax season is always a stressful time of year and the hours are long. With your tax software on the cloud, you can leave the office to get some fresh air, food, or even see your family without leaving your data behind at the desk. Being able to work from multiple locations is crucial during tax season because it gives you more flexibility when the pressure is on.

You can access your tax software from any device with an Internet connection. Having your information is also great because you don’t have to stress about taking the right files home with you. Instead, just login from your computer at home just like you would in the office and get the exact same up to date data.

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Backups: Ever lose the data on your tax software? This could have happened in transit, or maybe your computer crashed and deleted everything. If you had a backup of your data, you were probably okay. But for those of you who didn’t, this is the worst thing that could happen. Maybe it has been a while since your last backup so all your files are out of date. Maybe you never had a backup at all and you have to start from scratch. Being on the cloud gives you nightly backups with 7-day rolling. Meaning that you can always recover your latest data or data up to a week back. These backups are automatic so you never have to worry about forgetting to backup your tax software.

24/7/365 support: Being on the Trapp Technology cloud gives you a whole team to support your IT. You always have a resource to make sure your tax software is running smoothly and can always be accessed by you and your team. Whenever you need support, you can always reach our support lines and get any issues with your cloud hosting fixed and running.

Lincoln Tax and Wealth Management: “Trapp Technology has been an invaluable resource to my growing CPA firm. The technology used allows us to work remotely without any loss of efficiency. Their tech support is also top notch!” – Jacob Lincoln

X-Tax CPA PLC: “I really appreciate the patience and efforts of your staff. They took extra care to make sure everything was set up and working properly.” – Marc Pricco

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Sheridan Tax & Bookkeeping: “With 2 offices and working from home in the evenings, the stress level of having to transport files for QuickBooks and hope you were working on the right copy was very high. Now our Microsoft documents, tax software & QuickBooks files are all in one place no matter what office I am in. I highly recommend Trapp Technology for the ease of use, the friendly and quick staff, affordable pricing, and the peace of mind it has brought our company.” – Shannon Sheridan

Test drive your tax software on the cloud for 30 days, risk free!

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