• April 16, 2015

Hosted T-HUB Integrates E-Commerce With QuickBooks

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Hosted T-HUB Integrates E-Commerce With QuickBooks

Hosted T-HUB Integrates E-Commerce With QuickBooks 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Hosted T-HUB Brings Your Data Together

Running an e-commerce platform can be difficult without the right tools. There is a lot of work involved with keeping track of your records and managing your online sales. Hosted T-HUB is a great tool to integrate into your cloud server and make your management more effective.

Hosted T-HUB’s Multi-Channel Control Benefits:

  • Manage orders from all channels
  • Toggle between channels
  • Setup shipping and QuickBooks posting rules for each channel
  • Support most shopping carts and online stores such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, etc.

Shipping with T-HUB Options:

  • Generate shipping labels
  • Compare shipping costs across carriers
  • Print shipping labels
  • Print packing lists
  • Combine shipping labels and packing lists on one page to minimize error
  • Update tracking
  • Set up default shipping options for domestic and international shipments

Hosted T-HUB easily syncs with your QuickBooks and online sales channels. T-HUB will take care of your data entry and avoid double data entry so your information remains accurate and you avoid data redundancy. You can automate your schedule and have total control over how orders are posted in your QuickBooks software. Being able to automate data entry is a huge time saver that you get from utilizing T-HUB.

Hosted T-HUB gives you many options over how your orders are inputted into QuickBooks. You can post online sales as sales receipts, invoices or sales orders.

T-HUB not only automates your bookkeeping with QuickBooks but it also connects with your shipping methods. This gives you the opportunity to streamline your order fulfillment by easily printing packing lists and shipping labels for your orders. These can be for UPS, FedEx and USPS. Remember, shipping with USPS requires an account with Endicia or Stamps.com

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There are so many benefits from using T-HUB on your cloud. Beyond connection to your QuickBooks and Shipping, you also get tools for inventory control, phone orders, and automating your e-commerce.

Integrating all this software on your cloud gives you high-speed servers, privacy, and remote access so you can advance the way you run your business. When you have a growing e-commerce presence, you need servers that can handle the growth. Whether it is adding staff or experiencing heavier traffic, the cloud is a quick scalable solution that you can always adjust to fit your business. You also need a place where your data is safe. The security on a private server lets you keep track of who has access to your data and makes sure that you are not sharing resources with your competitors. Best of all, you can access your data from an location with an Internet connection.

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