• May 06, 2015

Better Integration With InterWeave and Trapp Technology Cloud

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Better Integration With InterWeave and Trapp Technology Cloud

Better Integration With InterWeave and Trapp Technology Cloud 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Integrate All Your Solutions Using InterWeave on the Cloud

Having your data in one place makes access to your business quick and effective. When you have your software solutions on a cloud server, you can easily take advantage of accessing your data from any location. InterWeave lets you integrate your solutions so you can work more effectively on your cloud. Here are the benefits you get from cloud hosting and integrating with InterWeave.


The cloud is a great place to host your software solutions. On a private, dedicated cloud server you have the ability to use any software your business needs. You can then use InterWeave to integrate your CRM, eCommerce, and financial applications. This integration can place your software in one place while connecting them to have better control over your data.

InterWeave Solutions:
InterWeave is a tool your business can utilize to integrate CRM, eCommerce, and Financial applications. Integration Technologies is a leader in on-demand SMART solutions that integrate your applications and processes. There are many ways your company benefits from integrating solutions. When you utilize InterWeave you have real-time information flow, tighter collaboration, and improve your strategic business decisions.

It used to be incredibly challenging to organize your increasing amounts of stored data. Data integration is an increasing concern with businesses and professionals and finding a solution can be high priority. Businesses are turning to InterWeave to get better data quality and security, better collaboration with sales and finance, and an improved workflow.

The solutions your business gets from InterWeave are great and it provides you with a great set of capabilities:

  • Configuration – your solution is designed to fit your business so you have many options to configure InterWeave any way you need to.
  • Map Workflow – You have the tools to make a workflow that makes sense for your business. You can streamline your processes and increase your efficiency.
  • SaaS – The best integration for your software solutions on the cloud. Integrate CRM, Financial, eCommerce, ERP, Databases, VoIP, etc.
  • Small to Enterprise – These solutions aren’t only for big businesses. You can implement these solutions in small, medium, and enterprise level businesses.
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Cloud Solutions:
When your software is on the cloud you get a secure place to store your data for anywhere, anytime access. You also get many features that will keep your data safe such as backups and disaster recovery. These features give you mobility and peace of mind that you can run your business any time you need to.

Remote Access allows you to access your data from any location. All that is required is a computer or device with Internet capability. One of the greatest benefits of remote access is no longer worrying about how to transfer your data. Instead, you just access your cloud and work with live up to date data instantly. Your InterWeave application will also make this better by organizing your data and keeping you on task.

Backups are important to have. Data can be easy to lose and when it happens, you have to have a way to recover it. If you choose the right cloud provider, you can automatic backups at no extra cost to you. Ask for your options when talking to cloud hosting providers and find a solution that will keep your data integrity. You put a lot of work into InterWeave and integrating your solutions so it’s important to keep them safe.

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