• May 05, 2015

Upgrade Windows Server 2003 Before Support Ends

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Upgrade Windows Server 2003 Before Support Ends

Upgrade Windows Server 2003 Before Support Ends 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Support for Windows Server 2003 Ends July 14th

If your business is running on Windows Server 2003, it is time to start looking into updating. The support for Windows Server 2003 is ending and that means trouble for businesses still accessing data on an old server. There are many reasons your business needs to update its servers and no reason to wait. Here are the ways your business is affected by this change.


When support ends for Windows Server 2003 on July 14th, will you be prepared for the change? There are some things you need to know about the effect this change will have on your business. If you are not on Windows Server 2003, this will not affect you. If you are, the end of support puts your information at risk. Here are the things you need to know about the end of support

Before we start, what is important to know about this change is that your cloud servers will not be affected. Because cloud hosting providers are in the business of keeping their systems maintained and up to date with all the latest technology, they have already been updated to a version that still gets support.

What the end of support means:
When support for Windows Server 2003 ends, you will experience security risks. The end of support means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and patches for your applications, software, or workloads. Any new viruses, hacks, or vulnerabilities that are found will not be blocked by the support Windows provides.

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Your systems will be completely vulnerable to any form of attack. The protection your servers had from Microsoft was a great value for your company. The support for Windows Server 2003 meant that you had maintenance for your system. This maintenance allowed you to implement new tech solutions on your server. From the latest version of software to small security fixes, you could handle all changes in your technology.

No business can afford to go down. Losing productivity because your software isn’t working properly is only the start. Your business is built on data and when that data is corrupted, you have to focus your energy on recovering it rather than building it. This sets your business back and could mean the loss of valuable business information.

What You Should Do Now:
Find out if your business is still using these servers. The end of support for Windows Server 2003 is July 14th, so you need to migrate before that date to make sure your digital data is safe. If you are on an old server, the next step is to get in contact with a professional that can handle your migration needs. They will provide you with the new system and make sure your old system is migrated successfully.

If you contact Trapp Technology today, their experts can evaluate your business needs and how to go about your migration to a new server. You will be able to update your in-house server or migrate to an infrastructure-as-a-service structure and utilize the cloud for your business. Just contact us for any questions you have about Windows Server 2003.

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