• March 14, 2013

Case Study Teaser: Tulfra Real Estate

Trapp Technology

Case Study Teaser: Tulfra Real Estate

Case Study Teaser: Tulfra Real Estate 1080 454 Trapp Technology

**NOTE: Since the publication of this blog, Trapp Online is now Trapp Technology.

Trapp Online Saves Tulfra Realty From Holiday Server Crash

Server Crash

Tulfra Real Estate group was faced with a server crash that left them unable to work. Tulfra scheduled their Timberline upgrade for the end of the year. A local consultant started the upgrade December 28th, 2011. Unfortunately, the server crashed during the upgrade process. Tulfra lost the hard drive and, due to an incorrect setup, their backup files were overwritten with an old version. “We lost 60 GB of business information and were completely dead,” said Jumani. “I sent everyone home because there was nothing we could do.”

Trapp Online Steps In

Josh of Trapp Online arranged a call between Tulfra and Trapp Online’s Timberline Consultant. Less than three hours later she started the migration. “She knew exactly what to do and worked into the night moving all of the data and installing all of the modules,” said Jumani.

The next morning Tulfra’s Timberline system was up on the Cloud. Jumani accessed the data from his desktop and printed on one printer. “Mars and Venus have never lined up like this,” said Jumani. “We were back up and running in less than 24 hours! And, we never looked back.”

Tulfra accesses their hosted Timberline and QuickBooks files and data from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Response times are much better and reports run very fast. Custom reports, setups and third party applications are all on the Cloud.  Daily backups are automatically performed at Trapp Online’s secure Phoenix data center.

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Tulfra’s remarkable experience with Trapp Online’s Timberline Hosting caused them to consider outsourcing other business activities. They now look at their business differently and outsource 25% of their operations.

The Tulfra Real Estate case study will be published next week.

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This case study was done by an external company with permission and interviews of the Tulfra Real Estate.