• April 23, 2015

Lacerte On the Cloud for Late Filers

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Lacerte On the Cloud for Late Filers

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Hosting Lacerte on the Cloud After Tax Season

Tax season may be over, but there are still people filing taxes. As a CPA or financial professional, you’re happy to have your life back after tax season, but your job isn’t done. Leveraging a cloud based Lacerte to handle your customer’s taxes will allow you much more flexibility with full-featured software on the go.

Lacerte on the cloud

Better late than never is what they always say. It’s a great motto for those still filing their taxes. Though they were due last week, it is more important to file them late than not file at all. Tax professionals who are ready to be done with long hours at the office can utilize a Lacerte on the Cloud to do work more flexibly.

Lacerte is a tax software by Intuit for tax and accounting firms with individual and business clients. The software is designed for professionals looking to complete more returns in less time. With Lacerte, you can seamlessly move data across your accounting and tax workflow and speed your preparation.

Cloud hosting Lacerte software is great for your business and it is a great way to expand your IT resources. With a cloud based Lacerte, you get increased mobility, flexibility, productivity, and you can eliminate hardware limitations for your other devices or personal computers. Cloud hosting Lacerte will make your software available on a Mac or apple and android device.

Lacerte has a lot of great features to make faster returns. It is reliable, fast, secure, and boasts many features to make your process more efficient.

Save Time:

  • You get fast input with the unique worksheet-based interface
  • Save time with 27 different built in features
  • These features can quickly track client data so you can get right to work.
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Comprehensive Software:

  • Lacerte is loaded with over 5,700 different tax forms so you can always fill in the proper information when making a return.
  • Its error diagnostics will find any mistakes so you avoid getting rejected returns and get maximum refunds
  • 30 years of experience with accountants have developed software that is directly in tune with accountants and tax professionals.

Hosting Lacerte on a cloud server is a great move for your business. You get more flexibility with your work through remote access. All that is needed to connect to your data is an Internet connection and a laptop, tablet, or phone to work from. This means you can take a break at the coffee shop and fill in returns in a relaxed environment. You can easily see your data from home without having to transport the data. And you can even access your data from a mobile device.

Cloud make Lacerte available on any Internet-enabled device. Because you are accessing the server from the Internet, your hardware is less of an issue. Do you work on a Mac at home? You simply go to your personal URL and login to access your data. You can also download an app on your Android or Apple device to get started on any work you need to accomplish. The cloud is designed to work on your already existing infrastructure.

Now that tax season is over and there is less work to be done, it’s great to know you have options to make work more relaxing. Getting started with a cloud host will not only benefit you now, you can easily see the benefits of using your software on the cloud in the future. Hosting your Lacerte tax software is a great way to prep for next year and be more productive for the years to come.

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Test Dive Lacerte on the cloud for 30 Days – no contract or credit card required.

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