• October 08, 2013

CRM in the Cloud | Best CRM Cloud Integration For Your Business

Trapp Technology

CRM in the Cloud | Best CRM Cloud Integration For Your Business

CRM in the Cloud | Best CRM Cloud Integration For Your Business 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Your CRM, accounting, and eCommerce software is great as a stand-alone product, but what if you had an environment where they could all work together? Putting your CRM in the cloud should be your next step.

Trapp Technology’s private cloud environment provides customers a secure environment with seamless integration between their CRM’s, eCommerce, WordPress Websites, Payment Gateways, Financial Applications and more with SaaS, configurable solutions.


Customers may now have their CRM applications like SugarCRM, MS Dynamics CRM, Oracle Fusion CRM, eCommece solutions like Magento and financial applications like QuickBooks, Sage ACCPAC, MAS, MS Dynamics, Oracle and more, running and supported in a private cloud environment; all integrated smoothly with CRM in the cloud.

Integrated CRM in the cloud applications enables customers to monitor and manage Quotes, Orders, Payments and Inventory – all in real-time with automated updates to the connected applications – in their CRM application. By hosting your CRM, eCommerce, WordPress Websites, Financial Applications and more through companies like InterWeave, connections are now local or one ping away. Your CRM in the cloud now has a dedicated environment with added security and in-domain connections. Need to integrate to your CRM outside of your cloud like Salesforce? A private VPN can be set up in order to integrate securely.

So how does this syncing and integration work with CRM in the cloud? Trapp Technology creates what’s called an auto-user, which is like having a worker that never, ever stops processing data. As your auto-user “works,” he causes your data to constantly sync your applications with one another. This way, you can always see updates made to your data on your CRM in the cloud in real-time. It’s as if you have an employee who’s only job is to constantly hit “refresh.” Now, you can have all of your applications in one place, and they work together flawlessly.

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What are the benefits of hosting ecommerce,  financial software, and CRM in the cloud?
  • Mobility — Take your software on the go! With Trapp Online’s cloud solutions, you can log in to your software from anywhere with an internet connection!  
  • Productivity — Get simultaneous access by multiple users, improved response times thanks to synchronized updates, centally located data storage, and improved system performance.
  • Lower costs — Reduced CapEx thanks to monthly pricing, simple a la carte pricing for add-ons, users, and space, and dedicated servers at a shared server price.
  • Peace of Mind — Nightly backups performed at our certified, SAS 70 type II, and SSAE 16 SOC Type II, Tier III data center
  • Flexibility — Our cloud solution is truly one-of-a-kind. No two clouds are exactly alike, and your cloud solution can be built to fit your precise needs.
  • Reliability — Our 99.5% uptime guarantee is backed by an ultra-resilient internet mesh, on an isolated network infrastructure
  • Support — Live, U.S.-based support team to keep your cloud running smoothly