• October 20, 2014

Cloud Technology Is Helping the Environment

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Cloud Technology Is Helping the Environment

Cloud Technology Is Helping the Environment 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Cloud Technology Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Did you know the cloud is environmentally friendly? I’m not talking about the rain clouds watering our crops. I’m talking about cloud technology hosting valuable IT solutions to companies all over the world. Cloud technology is lowering their carbon footprint and energy consumption.
How does cloud technology lower a company’s carbon footprint? Cloud technology provides software and data storage over the Internet via server space. A company is often troubled by the task of hosting its own on-site servers to access their data and software. When a company switches to cloud technology for software and data storage, it lowers its need for on-site servers. The energy and space that would have otherwise gone toward those extra servers reduces the overall energy consumption.

When companies host their own in-house servers they suffer from unused computing power. No company is running 100 percent of their computing power all the time.

The cloud lets companies use what they need and avoids unnecessary energy consumption. A company never uses more than they require at any moment.

Does switching to cloud servers just shift the problem? Cloud data centers work to lower their environmental impact by using efficient hardware. Their cloud technology strives to be the most eco-friendly available and it does not just mask the problem. Cloud technology allows for flexibility in energy consumption and works with eco-friendly hardware.

Studies say that by 2020, utilizing cloud technology can result in carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil. As companies switch more of their data and software over to the cloud, they contribute to the environment by lowering their carbon footprint.

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