• October 17, 2014

How To Grow Your Small Business With the Cloud

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How To Grow Your Small Business With the Cloud

How To Grow Your Small Business With the Cloud 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Cloud for Small Business

Here’s An Idea: The Cloud Can Be Utilized To Grow Your Small Business

The digital age has come with many innovations. One innovation that can raise your small business to the next level is the cloud. The cloud can be utilized to drive down the cost of running information technology and bring many benefits through hosted software.

While building an IT infrastructure is essential to modern small businesses, it is also expensive. The benefits are often overshadowed by the price tag on the technology. The cloud promotes growth for small businesses by removing many of the costs involved in building information solutions. The cloud allows small businesses the access to servers and maintenance that would otherwise set them back. There are many benefits to moving to a cloud hosted service that can both save money and grow your small business.

Building an IT infrastructure consumes huge amounts of money. Some of the costs that come with that are equipment, maintenance, electricity, storage, and security. These costs can be a huge strain to small businesses. Cloud computing is a solution to lowering the common costs involved in IT.

Equipment is a huge expense for small businesses. Not only does it need to be bought but it also has to be maintained, powered, and protected. To accomplish this, the right people need to be hired. Hiring costs become a huge expense for small businesses, not to mention the employees needed to run your own servers. Small businesses need employees to maintain the equipment and make sure it is running at its most efficient level. The equipment also needs to be kept in a secure location, which comes with the cost of storage and guards.

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Small businesses can avoid these costs by utilizing a cloud-hosting provider. For example, Trapp Technology runs its own servers, which it keeps in its own secure facilities. These servers are also maintained and protected from any harm. While it worries about the technology, small businesses are provided with all the software and IT solutions they require. Small businesses are also spared the cost of maintaining and securing facilities.

The cloud not only allows small business IT needs to be met, it also increases productivity. The switch to cloud hosted software allows access from any device with live updates. Small businesses increase collaboration regardless of location. Workers have live access to the data, which allows them to collaborate in a team wherever they are. This lowers the stress small businesses have when employees are out of the office. Cloud services are also incredibly scalable so when your small business begins to grow, the servers can always handle that growth.

Small businesses switching to the cloud greatly decrease their carbon footprint.  While on the cloud, small businesses will only use the serve space they need. Studies say small businesses can reduce carbon emissions by 90% from energy that would otherwise be used by running on-site servers.

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