• October 22, 2013

Getting Green Cloud Computing Solutions [Infographic]

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Getting Green Cloud Computing Solutions [Infographic]

Getting Green Cloud Computing Solutions [Infographic] 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Green Cloud Computing Lowers Carbon Footprint

When you use the cloud you are being environmentally friendly. See how green cloud computing is and why it makes a difference to host your software and data.

Trapp Technology new partnership with Phoenix NAP Collocation Center has our environmental radar on over drive right now! The cloud can not only save you some green when it comes to spending money, but it turns out, it’s also pretty good for environment! The reason the cloud can save so much energy while still being such an information powerhouse is due to consolidation. Instead of SMBs having underutilized and inefficient servers and hardware on-site soaking up electricity while sitting idle, the businesses data is instead housed in a top of the line data center, fine-tuned for efficiency.

Take a peek at this great infographic that highlights how the cloud can save money, time, and the environment!

Green Cloud Computing


For companies looking to lower their carbon footprint, they can benefit from cloud solutions. The cloud hosting provider you utilize has access to technology that runs more energy efficient and can handle more of your data. Green cloud computing solutions for your business are excellent for the environment.

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