• August 27, 2013

Why Use QuickBooks in the Cloud?

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Why Use QuickBooks in the Cloud?

Why Use QuickBooks in the Cloud? 1080 454 Trapp Technology

QuickBooks in the Cloud and its Benefits

Your business is growing, and you’re being faced with the need to increase your mobility and find a way to make your software fit your ever changing needs. If you’ve tried out other mobile or online-based apps, you’re probably disappointed by their lackluster ability to function as if the software were locally installed on your device or machine. Before you lose hope, take a look at how the cloud can be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Multi-Location Access

You’ll be given quick and easy access to your software, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll experience more efficient and effective collaboration with simultaneous accessibility available to multiple users, increasing client satisfaction with remote support, reducing your travel time & expenses and increasing your efficiency through live access to company files.

Does your business have an external bookkeeper who needs access to your files, but getting them those important documents is always a hassle? What if they could get remote access and avoid mailing thumb drives or documents?

Device Compatibility

With Trapp Technology’s cloud solutions, you can log in to your software from your PC, MAC, Android Tablet, or iOS device such as iPad or iPhone. You have the freedom to access all of your accounting information anywhere with an internet connection! You will have full featured access to your accounting software whether you are at the office, at home or traveling the world!

CPAs are searching for ways to save time and service geographically-separated clients. Trapp Technology, LLC offers a cloud hosting solution which allows for CPAs or Bookkeepers to securely access their software and client data remotely from any computer, PC, MAC, iPhone, and iPad with an internet connection. Unlike the currently available apps, you will have access to your software just as you have it on any other computer — no app needed!

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Switching our QuickBooks hosting to Trapp Technology has allowed us to work more efficiently. We login faster, work faster and waste less time. The frustration we had before has been eliminated.

— Tracy Soulsby, President, Soulsby Accounting Group
Increased Collaboration

It’s difficult to denote one certain benefit of cloud computing as the flagship feature, but collaboration is pretty high on the list. Where you used to have to wait for a colleague to respond to an email with changes to an attached document, you now can see the updates in real time on the cloud. This is great for both employers and employees, because a quicker turnaround time means less time spent working on a project, and in turn, less frustration and time spent idle.

Businesses that use an offsite bookkeeper can give their financial professional a secure, dedicated password protected login, giving them instant access to your company’s financial data with a click.

Lower Costs

It’s no secret that pooling configurable computing resources cuts costs. Due to reduced cap-ex investments, getting started in the cloud costs significantly less than building your own in-house server from the ground up.

Small businesses want and need the same heightened level of security as large companies, but often times it’s just not a feasible undertaking for in-house IT companies. Or, even if it is, the price tag associated with it is out of budget. Now, the cloud affords businesses of all sizes a scalable, secure solution that is available at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Peace of Mind

We all want our data to be safe — that’s a given. But creating a safe haven for your data is a costly, time consuming effort. Once your data fortress is built, then you have to maintain it. At least you used to. Now you can just outsource the whole endeavor and call it a day. You will no longer have to worry about backing up your data. We run backups nightly, in addition to a 7 day rolling back up. Your data is housed in a certified, SAS 70 type II, and SSAE 16 SOC Type II, Tier III data center.

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What about disaster recovery? After a storm hits any part of our country, many businesses are left wondering what they would do if a force of nature came knocking at their door. The devastation can be felt for months beyond the actual disaster, and businesses need to be prepared. If your servers are damaged, you’ll be unable to work – even if you’re nowhere near the disaster. The best plan of defense against a disaster is to not be in the projected path, right? Our data center location in Phoenix, Arizona gives your data an advantage because of our low risk of natural disasters.


When your software is on the cloud, it means you have one less thing to worry about when preparing for weather-related incidents. Your data will be out of harm’s way, and you can rest assured that once you’re ready to get back to work, your software and files will be waiting for you. Don’t wait for your data to fall victim to the next megastorm like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina — take action to safeguard your important files.


When you work online, you rely on a stable connection — if your internet connection is sub-par, you’re going to be frustrated, lose momentum, and have to explain down time to your clients. Trapp Technology has worked tirelessly to develop and build a customizable internet mesh that provides an incredibly reliable and constant internet connection geared towards businesses and enterprises.


Our cloud solution is truly one-of-a-kind. No two clouds are exactly alike, and your cloud solution can be built to fit your precise needs. When you have your own dedicated cloud server that is completely customized and completely scalable, you’re free to really make the cloud your own. You can never outgrow the cloud. Need more space? It’s there when you need it. Need to downsize? It will just take a phone call.

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The flexibility doesn’t end there. If you’ve ever asked a cloud hosting provider to host your third party application in the cloud, only to be disappointed at their refusal, then it’s time to sit back and be amazed. We can do it. Many businesses have the need to host a complimentary application in the cloud along with their primary software; apps that do things like process payroll, keep track of inventory, print checks, and the like. Without these apps in the cloud, a company’s process wouldn’t be as seamless and streamlined. Trapp Technology has gone the extra mile to bring you a top-notch cloud experience.

Experience QuickBooks in the Cloud for 30-Days With a Test Drive of the solution!

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