• April 20, 2015

Why It Make Sense To Have A Small Business Cloud

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Why It Make Sense To Have A Small Business Cloud

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The Importance of Getting A Small Business Cloud

Businesses all start small. But the smaller they start, the bigger they have to think and perform. Running a small business is no easy effort, and that business needs a lot of attention to grow. One of the biggest challenges in a small business is the allocation of resources and finding solutions that don’t require too much of them. The small business cloud gives you great access to resources and gets your business walking the path to growth.

In business, everything is limited. In a small business, those limits are even more profound. Unless it’s perseverance and elbow grease, all your resources are in low supply. From low funds to a short staff, there are always tough decisions to be made about how you use your resources. Luckily, the cloud is a great place to focus on your resources and expand your business.

Since this is a crucial point for your business, it is important to start taking advantage of services to better compete and make an impact on the market. The cloud gives your business fast, scalable solutions that keep you from having to make expensive decisions. Your IT is an important part of how you stay connected with your business and your team. Unfortunately, it is also a very expensive form of communication.

It is difficult to build your infrastructure without the money. It is also a large investment. Do you want to buy for the short term or long term? If you decide to use a cloud server, you avoid these decisions while finding a great solution that can grow with your company. On a private cloud environment you get storage, security, remote access, and disaster recovery. All of these elements let you focus on your business, while benefiting from solutions you normally wouldn’t have.

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Storage: One of the major opportunities in cloud computing is storage. You can store anything on a cloud server. From your software to your records, the small business cloud is an environment designed to fit you. So you can put your software on the cloud and then save all files on the cloud. If you ever run out of room or need to add more software, you can quickly add more storage and continue to work. This solution is scalable to fit whatever size you are at a given time. If you need to shrink your service, it is just as easy to lower the amount of storage you have to avoid paying extra.

Security: A private environment comes with a lot of benefits compared to public cloud services. The first is that you are not sharing resources with other clients. This gives you secure access to your unique software and doesn’t run the risk of being kicked off a server when it gets too crowded. The next benefit is having more control over who can see your information. When you set up your cloud server, you get to choose who you grant access to. Your environment is then maintained with all the latest security measures without you having to worry about an hardware or software updates.

Remote Access: With the small business cloud, remote access is often the most beneficial feature. You can access your cloud from any location with an Internet connection. This is important for businesses because it gives them more flexibility to work whenever needed. Emergencies can be better handled whenever they pop up because you and your staff can easily log into the cloud from anywhere.

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Disaster Recovery: It is often forgotten that digital information can be easily lost. Just because it is in a digital form, it doesn’t mean that it will exist forever. The servers your information is saved on can be damaged and all the information on them can be lost. Your small business cloud is backed up so you can recover any lost data whenever disaster strikes.

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