• September 13, 2019

Top Outsourced IT Services for Small Business

Top Outsourced IT Services for Small Business

Top Outsourced IT Services for Small Business 1080 540 Trapp Technology

Most Common Small Business IT Services

Is your business ready to outsource your IT services? Outsourcing your technology needs offers many benefits such as lowering infrastructure cost, increasing monitoring and analytics, and increased security.

With so many choices available for different services, it can be hard to know where to start, as many different types of solutions could be appropriate for your business. If you’ve been wondering what solution might be right for your business, the following are some of the best IT solutions for small businesses.

IT Support Services

For companies with:

  • Less than 200 employees
  • Limited budget or resources for an IT staff
  • 24/7/365 support needs

IT Support includes service desks that can help with password resets, adding users, or simply working on tickets while providing a single point of contact for businesses. Service desk technicians are trained to troubleshoot issues and get behind them. This lets the technicians fix it before it becomes a regular problem. Small businesses can find help through a service desk, whether that be through chat, phone, or email.

Outsourcing your managed endpoint can reduce labor spent managing endpoint security. By doing this, you can not only save your company money, but you can utilize MSSP threat intelligence feeds and help fix security gaps that might be missed. Service desks and managed endpoint is good for small businesses or businesses that don’t have the resources or budget for an IT staff. Click here to learn more information about Trapp Technology’s IT Support Services.

Infrastructure Support Services

For companies with:

  • Limited IT staff

Outsourcing your managed cloud hosting and servers is a cost-effective way that ensures your firewalls, switches and routers are monitored and running properly. Your company can save on hiring and training IT specialists and centralize your key business systems in data centers. Only key personnel will be able to virtually access the services, storage and infrastructure. Trapp provides behind-the-scenes upgrades and have access to 24-security mechanisms. To learn more about Trapp Technology’s Infrastructure Support Services, click here.

Vulnerability Assessment

For companies with:

  • Over 200 employees OR
  • Required for compliance or certifications

Penetration testing helps companies by exploiting vulnerabilities to prevent hacks and show findings where more security should be. This is a safe way to test your system’s resistance to external hacking attempts. In a safe and controlled environment, customers pre-define the scope and timing of a penetration test. Customers are also informed beforehand about any active exploitation of vulnerabilities in its IT infrastructure. With the help of professional security analysts, penetration testing helps companies avoid the heavy fines associated with non-compliance and security audits. Vulnerability assessments are required for compliance or certifications. More information about vulnerability assessments here.


For companies with:

  • 24/7/365 support needs
  • Minimum antivirus software

Viruses and malware are dangerous. They are always changing and if you don’t keep your antivirus software updated, you are tempting fate. Minimum antivirus protection is needed for all sized companies and with ArmorPoint you can have threat detection and responses available 24/7/365. Protect your company by being able to detect anomalies and patterns such as rare or suspicious processes, risky activities, and unrecognized connections. With ArmorPoint, you can correlate massive amounts of data collected on the network and endpoints to offer prioritization capabilities. This includes threat scoring that will let you know what attention your company’s security needs now. Learn more about cybersecurity solutions, click here.

Network Performance Monitoring

For companies with:

  • Limited IT budget
  • Small IT staff

Understand what’s going on in your network between office sites, data centers, clouds and applications in real-time. Perform device inventory automatically and get a live network map of your IT infrastructure. Network performance monitoring acts an extension of your team. This can save you money and resources, rather than hiring and training a new technician or specialist. With web-based access to the dashboard and maps that enable anytime and anywhere network monitoring works for all businesses. If you want to learn more about network performance monitoring, click here.

Compliance Reporting

For companies:

  • With ArmorPoint
  • In Health, insurance, financial, or similar fields
  • Required for auditing

Compliance reporting through Trapp Technology is only available through ArmorPoint. With access to compliance reporting, a company can understand what rules, regulations, standards, and laws your company should be and is following. This helps to ensure companies aren’t subject to penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Compliance reporting will help keep your company’s processes accountable, not let it fall to the wayside and provoke change when there is a risk to compliance. Best for companies within the health, insurance, and financial fields and is required for auditing. Click here for more information about Trapp Technology’s compliance reporting.


For companies with:

  • Less than 1,000 employees

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you have the mobility to work from anywhere that has internet connection and Wi-Fi. VoIP delivers the essential call processing functions and features companies need on their desktop phones to efficiently and cost-effectively drive businesses. Cost of VoIP systems is lower than traditional landlines while offering more advantages and is perfect for small businesses. To learn about Trapp’s VoIP solution visit DOTVOX.

Hardware Procurement 

For companies:

Trapp is a one-stop-shop for not only leveraging hardware but replacing your current hardware. Trapp has special relationships with the biggest hardware vendors that allow your company to get the best price as well as bundle multiple services and other solutions to meet your tech needs. Trapp’s employees are certified and educated through our vendors; Nimble, Cisco, etc. These specialists are trained to know what hardware you need and how to fix a problem in a cost-effective way and is good for all sized companies. Get to know more about hardware procurement through Trapp.

IT Roadmap & Consulting

For companies with:

  • Over 100 employees

IT Roadmaps answer the question of “what are my goals for technology?”. This brings in an assessment of technology in the business and discusses budget and business plan to make sure your IT initiatives are more strategic. By doing this, it can help identify goals and prioritize resources. Save money and get in a better position to clear away tasks and systems to run smoothly. When employees have an at-a-glance view of their responsibilities, they are more likely to stay on top of mission-critical items that could disrupt the organization’s technology backbone. Roadmap & consulting works best for companies with over 100 employees. To learn more about how IT Roadmaps could benefit your company, click here.

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