• February 10, 2016

Get Hosted Lacerte Software On Any Device

Hosted Lacerte Software

Get Hosted Lacerte Software On Any Device

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How To Use Hosted Lacerte Software Anywhere, Anytime

It’s time to get more out of your Lacerte software. You need to be able to access it at any time and through any device. You can make that happen with private cloud hosting solutions. Extend your reach with cloud hosting solutions that will take your business everywhere. Use the tax software that your business relies on and be more effective with your work.

I know what you’re thinking. It would be great if you had a solution that allowed you to look at all your data on any device at any time. That is exactly what the private cloud is designed to do. Your access to data is important to your success and when you have that kind of power with your software, it’s easy to see the benefits. You benefit from cloud hosting with customization, remote access, and compatibility across multiple devices.

Customizing Your Environment for Lacerte Software
You need a cloud environment that you can customize to fit your unique business needs. There are many different types of tax software out there, but if you want to host a certain one on your cloud, the private cloud is the option for you. Your business can host the Lacerte software it uses and get all the same tools and features on a familiar environment.

It’s important to have an environment that will keep your software working just how you like it. On a private cloud, your Lacerte software works just like it does when it’s downloaded on your own computer. The only difference is that you access your software through a web browser or application on your computer or device. Your environment is customized to support the needs your business has and give you more flexibility with your workspace.

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A Flexible Work Environment With Remote Access
Remote access lets you see your data whenever you want to. Your software is on a cloud so you can utilize a browser to login to your portal through your laptop. Wherever you have Internet access, you are set to login and work on your Lacerte software. This is also extended to your devices, which can use an application to give you access to your data.

Compatible Across Multiple Devices
Do you like working on a tablet when you are at home or on the road? It’s often hard to find a software solution that is compatible on your smart devices. Luckily, when you use the private cloud, you get more options for how you access your data. Smart devices often don’t have versions of software that they can access, but the cloud makes Lacerte software compatible on your smart device.

On the cloud, you have the exact software that you use hosted. This means that Lacerte Software can be accessed through your preferred device at any moment. You don’t have to buy specific hardware to work from home or on the go. Instead, you are equipped with a solution that already works on your device. It is easy to get right to work on your Lacerte software.

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