• June 10, 2016

Enterprises Choose Secure Cloud Over On-Premise

Enterprises Choose Secure Cloud Over On-Premise

Enterprises Choose Secure Cloud Over On-Premise 1080 491 Trapp Technology

Secure Cloud Solutions Are Big For Enterprise Businesses

The cloud is maturing and so are Enterprises. Secure cloud solutions are being adopted more and more by Enterprise-level businesses. The hesitation has always been based on the security of the cloud and if they can trust their data hosted on offsite servers. Officially, 52 percent of organizations now see the cloud as the safest solution for their software and data.

Why Choose Secure Cloud?

That’s the big question for businesses. Why are so many enterprise-level businesses choosing to host on a secure cloud? On-premise has always worked and gotten the job done, but the workplace is changing and becoming more and more mobilized. It is so much easier to access your software on the go when it is on a cloud environment.

Public Cloud and Google Apps Are Losing Users

Cloud apps are maturing and it is attracting more and more users to use alternative solutions to public or free cloud applications. Stronger apps are becoming available through the cloud and companies even have the option to host their software of choice through different cloud providers. The tools Enterprises are able to use on the cloud are getting more and more critical as the technology grows.

Google apps have always been popular with businesses because it gave them basic tools they would usually have to pay for. While these applications have provided convenience, businesses are opting for much more powerful solutions. These applications aren’t providing the in depth tools that stretch to specific industries. Enterprise businesses require tools that just aren’t available for free.

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Pay For Solutions and Secure Cloud

These are the two driving factors in choosing the cloud for enterprise-level software. The first is actually being able to use enterprise-level software. You can either use a cloud application or host your own application on the cloud. A lot of businesses like hosting their own application because it gives them a lot more control over their environment.

When you have your software hosted on a dedicated server, you are able to control all the content on your environment. You are able to add 3rd party applications to give you more tools to use with your software. But you also control who has access, giving you a more secure cloud solution. You always know who has access to your cloud and are less prone to data loss.

Top of the Line Security on a Secure Cloud

Your business has a variety of challenges to address every day. A secure cloud solution will take away the responsibility of constantly watching your technology and making sure your solution is up to date. Your server is monitored and backed up to prevent any serious issues from affecting your business. The amount of care Enterprises are getting from a secure cloud is bringing more businesses to the cloud.

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