• April 22, 2013

Cloud Case Study: Soulsby Accounting Group

Trapp Technology

Cloud Case Study: Soulsby Accounting Group

Cloud Case Study: Soulsby Accounting Group 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Switching to Trapp Technology Hosting Saves Time, Money and Headaches for Soulsby Accounting


“Switching our QuickBooks hosting to Trapp Technology from Linked CPA has allowed us to work more efficiently. We login faster, work faster and waste less time. The frustration we had before has been eliminated,”
— Tracy Soulsby, President, Soulsby Accounting Group

Customer: Soulsby Accounting Group

Web Site: www.soulsbyaccounting.com

Country or Region: Northeastern U.S.

Industry: Professional Services

Partner: Trapp Technology

Website: www.trapptechnology.com

Customer Profile

Soulsby Accounting Group, Akron, Ohio, provides specialized bookkeeping and accounting for 20 financial planning firms, including financial statements, budgeting, payroll processing, payroll taxes and outsourced CFO services. A high level of training helps Soulsby Accounting Group’s employees meet their clients’ professional standards and unique compliance and regulatory needs. Soulsby Accounting Group’s clients and accountants access client files and QuickBooks on the Cloud with Trapp Technology’s QuickBooks Hosting.

Soulsby participates in Trapp Technology’s Licensing Program for Accountants which provides hosting services at wholesale rates. Soulsby bundles hosting with other services on a single bill for clients.

Each employee at Soulsby Accounting Group (Soulsby) saves 45 minutes per day due to faster response times and reduced service interruptions on Trapp Online’s QuickBooks Hosting. Client complaints have been eliminated and employee frustration is greatly reduced, allowing Soulsby to focus more on growth. Soulsby also saves money over their previous service, Linked CPA. The discounts, combined billing and easy client setup of Trapp Technology’s Licensing Program for Accountants give Soulsby more control of accounts.

Business Needs

Service interruptions

Through mid-2012, Soulsby Accounting Group suffered frequent service interruptions with their previous hosting provider. “About once a week we would experience an outage ranging from five minutes to a few hours,” said Soulsby. “The service would just stop, or we would be kicked out.”

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The down time created a lot of frustration in the office. “We’re online all day long working in QuickBooks,” explained Soulsby. “When there was an outage we were just trying to find things to do. The interruptions made it hard to meet deadlines.”

Slow Response Times

Response times on their prior service were slower than Soulsby would like. Employees and clients were aggravated by the lost productivity. “It was maddening,” stated Soulsby. “It seemed like they were not keeping up on their technology. The file sharing system they used was extremely slow and we were not sure if our files had been transferred.”

Client Complaints

Soulsby’s clients accessed their files to run reports and check balances. Soulsby received complaints from clients when outages and slowdowns occurred. “They couldn’t get in the one time during the week they needed access,” explained Soulsby. “Clients would call and complain with each outage. It was aggravating at best.”

Poor Access and Support

Access to client accounts was less than ideal. Soulsby didn’t like the way it worked. “It was a little clunky to login,” said Soulsby. “And, when there were problems we had to wait for support.”


Referral from a Client

In mid-2012, Soulsby spoke to a client’s accountant who used Trapp Technology. They had nothing but good things to say and recommended their QuickBooks Hosting service. As Soulsby investigated Trapp Technology she considered reliability, ease-of-use and security. “Reliability was my biggest issue,” stated Soulsby. “I spoke with David Trapp about my concerns which helped me get a good feeling about Trapp Technology,” said Soulsby.

30 Day Trial

Trapp Technology offers clients a free 30 day trial. With nothing to lose, Soulsby moved a few of her customers to Trapp Technology and began her trial in October, 2012. The setup and the trial went smoothly. Employees access all of their clients with a single login and password. Soulsby liked the ease-of-use, reliability, response time and dedicated servers.

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Hassle Free Conversion

Soulsby converted the rest of her clients to Trapp Technology in November. “Tracy would send over several clients at a time,” said Seth Chapman, Account Specialist, Trapp Technology. “I built the servers and had them set up in an hour or less.”

Dedicated Servers

Trapp Technology’s dedicated servers make client data highly secure at an attractive price. “I don’t want clients to be able to see other clients,” explained Soulsby. “They are private companies with sensitive customer information in their files like account numbers, credit cards and Social Security numbers. Security is definitely on my mind.”

Licensing Program

Trapp Technology’s Licensing Program for Accountants was a factor in Soulsby’s decision to switch. With the licensing program she gets hosting at wholesale rates and bundles it with her other services for clients. “I like having control of my clients’ accounts,“ stated Soulsby. “I get one bill from Trapp Technology and send one bill to my clients.“

Reliable and Fast

Trapp Technology guarantees 99.5% uptime for hosting clients. And, dedicated servers at Trapp Technology’s secure Phoenix data center contribute to faster response times. “Uptime is so much better than before,” stated Soulsby. “And, system response time is excellent; it feels like it’s local.”


Trapp Technology provides responsive U.S.-based telephone, chat and email support. “Trapp Technology’s support is quite good,” said Soulsby. “I like that I get someone right away. Issues are handled immediately or they get back to me quickly.”


Saves 10% of Employee Time

Faster response times and fewer service interruptions make Soulsby’s employees more productive. Soulsby estimates that employees save 45 minutes per day per employee or roughly 10% of their time, including time saved with their file sharing application.

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Saves Money

Trapp Technology offers an attractive price point for small business. Soulsby is getting a higher level of service at a lower cost. “I’m saving money with Trapp Technology hosting even with the cost of our file sharing service added in,” explained Soulsby.

Less Frustration

January is Soulsby’s busiest month. “By March we’re just coming up for air. Not having the aggravation during a busy time is such a relief,” exclaimed Soulsby. “I haven’t had one complaint from customers. Trapp Technology is keeping everyone happier.”

More Control

Trapp Technology’s Licensing Program gives Soulsby control over her accounts and makes switching hosting services easy for clients. “I wanted the client setup/terminate process to be as hassle free as possible,” stated Soulsby. “Clients don’t see it and they don’t have to call Trapp Technology. They come in on Monday and I say, ‘Here’s your login’. With one bill for bundled services, Soulsby is their main point of contact.”

More Success

Improved productivity gives Soulsby more time to focus on business development. “Switching to Trapp Technology has prepared us for growth,” stated Soulsby. “The move is allowing us to bring on more clients with the same staff; and, for accountants, that adds up to more success.”


If your company could benefit from cloud hosting in a similar way to Soulsby, feel free to contact us.

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