• March 25, 2013

7 Reasons Your Company Should Be In The Cloud

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7 Reasons Your Company Should Be In The Cloud

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Get Your Head in the Cloud!

There’s no doubt about it — more and more companies are finding that the cloud is ideal for their business. The cloud has transformed the way many companies communicate and collaborate, but is it right for you?

• Boost IT Efficiency

The cloud allows you to take your in-house data storage and move it to a data center provided by your cloud hosting company. Cloud based applications complete with full-featured access are available on any workstation, any time.

• Simplified Storage and Maintenance 

All of the storage, maintenance, and processing of information in web-based software  is handled by your hosting company, freeing up your IT department’s time.

• Improved Customer Service

With all of your data on hand, your customers and clients don’t have to wait to send or receive information.

• Improved Communication and Collaboration

You can easily connect with your Financial Professional to share documents, enabling you to communicate quickly and efficiently.

• Boost BYOD and Work from Home (or the construction site!)

Employees can work from anywhere, anytime. Out on the job site and need to update your data? Whip out your iPad, log in, and you’re using the software just as you would on your desktop.

• Cut Costs

Cloud computing also helps cut costs while providing a more efficient workplace. It can reduce the need of expensive IT infrastructure or other communication and collaboration tools.

• Seamless Integration

On the cloud, your data will look and function exactly as it would on a device on which it is installed. By hosting your software, you are free to enjoy all of the functions without the hassle. It’s the same software you’re used to — just in the cloud!

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Ready to take the cloud for a spin? The first 30 days are on us.

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