• March 21, 2013

Cloud Computing Reducing IT Costs and Boosting Profits

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Cloud Computing Reducing IT Costs and Boosting Profits

Cloud Computing Reducing IT Costs and Boosting Profits 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Is Cloud Computing Reducing IT Costs?

Making the decision to move your company’s data to the cloud may seem like a daunting one. It’s a big step, but it isn’t as formidable of a move as you might think. A survey of 1,242 IT professionals found that more than half of organizations are moving a variety of capabilities to the cloud. Companies are flocking to the cloud, and for good reason — 88 percent of cloud users pointed to cost savings and 56 percent of respondents agreed that cloud services have helped them boost profits.

Reducing IT Costs with the Cloud

Imagine what your IT department could accomplish if they could spend less time fretting about infrastructure and more time innovating? That’s a luxury that the cloud could afford your company. 62 percent of the companies that have saved money are reinvesting those savings back into the business to add additional staff, raise wages, and boost focus on product innovation. The cloud is creating a positive financial impact on businesses, even in today’s financial position, and businesses are able to put money where it matters most.

The Cloud’s Hidden Benefits

But there’s more to the cloud than just the cost savings. In fact, organizations implementing or maintaining cloud computing point to increased efficiency (55 percent), improved employee mobility (49 percent), increased ability to innovate (32 percent) and freeing current IT staff for other projects (31 percent) as the top benefits. The move to the cloud is a big one, but it brings big rewards.

Calculating your Cloud ROI

Figuring out your ROI will depend greatly on your specific company needs and your application portfolio. Investments such as additional software licenses or having to redesign any applications to be cloud-friendly should be considered. Cloud computing is a multifaceted investment, and though the move is a big change, it’s one that many companies are finding compelling.

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