• October 08, 2014

10 Common Questions You Need To Ask Your Cloud Hosting Provider

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10 Common Questions You Need To Ask Your Cloud Hosting Provider

10 Common Questions You Need To Ask Your Cloud Hosting Provider 1080 454 Trapp Technology

10 Questions to Ask your Cloud Provider

Looking for a cloud hosting provider that provides you with the level of service, security, and control, is a great first step in the right direction!

Here are 10 common questions you need to ask your cloud hosting provider:

1.     What are your contract terms?

This is one of the most primary and essential questions to ask when it comes to a major shift in business processes. Many providers will have a minimum service term or early cancellation fees, the bane of all contractual agreements. How can you commit to a long-term service and provider without any previous experience in dealing with them?

That’s why Trapp Technology offers a 30 day, full-featured test drive for new clients. After the initial period, customers may select Trapp Technology as their preferred cloud hosting provider and continue service with no contracts or cancellation fees.  We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations, and don’t require a binding contract to turn them into a long-term satisfied client!

2.     How long will setup, migration, and onboarding take and how much will it cost?

Many of our customers can utilize their cloud within 24-48 hours, depending on complexity. However, migration and implementation may affect setup time. While some cloud hosting providers have standard setup fees of $99/cloud, rest assured, Trapp Technology provides setup, data migration, and onboarding support to our new clients, at absolutely no additional cost!

3.     Do I have to go through my cloud hosting provider to print off my software?

Your data is just that; yours. So your cloud hosting provider or any 3rd party shouldn’t be required for you to access your own information, and work with your network systems. Trapp Technology’s cloud will detect all the printers in your network. You are also capable of printing from one site to another, as long as each site has a static IP address. Of course, Trapp Technology support is available to assist you in troubleshooting any printing issues you may have.

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4.     What device and operating software will my cloud be compatible with?

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is mobility. How could you gain the flexibility and accessibility you seek if your cloud hosting provider confines you to a specific device, operating software, or software with limited features? Read Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Hosted Quickbooks vs. Quickbooks Online.

With Trapp Technology, you can access your full-featured software, applications, and data from virtually any smart device and operating software with internet capabilities, such as PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, and Android.

5.     Who can see my files and data?

Be sure to ask your potential cloud hosting provider about their existing user access procedures and available custom controls. Trapp Technology requires authorized log-ins, giving owners full control of who may view and access their files stored in the cloud. Discuss what type of users and behaviors you expect to have and what access would be appropriate with your cloud hosting provider. For example, with Trapp Technology, clients can provide their financial professional with a log-in to access to their real-time data, at no additional cost!

6.     What external security measures should I expect from my cloud hosting provider?

According to a recent survey, 65% of respondents said “Security” was their top consideration when selecting a cloud hosting providerUtilizing scalable Cisco ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliances with built-in world class firewall, unified communication security, VPN, intrusion prevention (IPS) and content security services, having Trapp Technology as your cloud hosting provider provides an ironclad defense system against unauthorized access. Our enhanced security measures don’t stop there! Trapp Technology features data encryption, disaster recovery (DR), fire, flood, and theft, protection, and 7 day rolling backups for additional redundancy.

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7.     How often does a cloud hosting provider back up data?

This answer will vary from hourly to daily to never. What you should personally consider when choosing a cloud hosting provider is how often you process data or perform business transactions? Is it by the minute, daily, or in large batches at the end of the week?

Trapp Technology offers 24 hours nightly backups, performed at midnight Arizona standard time. As your cloud hosting provider, we are responsible for managing and maintaining these backups for a 7 day rolling period.

8.     What kind of support will my cloud hosting provider offer?

Opt for a cloud hosting provider that offers end to end solutions, even if you don’t think you need it at the time. Some providers simply host your software, while others will keep in contact and make themselves available to you at your convenience.

With Trapp Technology’s initial setup process, you’ll have a dedicated Onboarding Specialist guide you through data migration and implementation, ensuring a seamless and effective transition to the cloud! Thereafter, you’ll have access to our U.S. based, friendly and responsive customer and technical support, available to our customers 24/7/365! It’s like having a personal contact instead of just another disconnected cloud hosting provider.

9.     What happens to my data if I leave my cloud hosting provider?

If it’s your application, it’s your data. While many providers may charge you with an early cancellation fee, or additional services, Trapp Technology makes it easy for you to reload your information to your central, on-premise computer anytime. Your most recently backed-up data is available to you at no cost.

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10.  Is the trial period available and is it a full-service version?

Wouldn’t it be nice to try a service and the provider out before committing to a transformative business solution? Ask your potential cloud hosting provider if they have a test-period that doesn’t require any financial information, contracts, and comes with all the features you expect post-purchase of the service.

Trapp Technology is proud to offer our customers a 30 day test drive, with no credit card required, and complete access to a fully-functional cloud solution and all of Trapp Technology’s technical and customer support services. As always, there is no contract required before or after the trial.

Ready to choose a premium cloud hosting provider? Test drive your preferred software on the cloud for 30 days, risk free!

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