• October 16, 2012

Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Hosted Quickbooks vs. Quickbooks Online

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Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Hosted Quickbooks vs. Quickbooks Online

Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Hosted Quickbooks vs. Quickbooks Online 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Why Cloud Hosted QuickBooks is the Best

We are often asked what the difference is between QuickBooks Online and Cloud Hosting QuickBooks. The simple answer? A lot!

1. Access to Critical QuickBooks Features

Not available with QuickBooks Online are critical features including tracking inventory, creating purchase orders, assigning multiple price levels to items, and online bill pay functionality. Cloud Hosted QuickBooks gives you a full-featured access to your software with the same look and feel you’re familiar with.

2. Save Time and Money Through a More Efficient System

Depending upon such factors as the number of businesses owned versus the QBOL selected, the costs of QuickBooks Cloud hosting are less.

3. Superior Functionality

Cloud hosted QuickBooks operates as if it is running on your personal computer; the layout and the way it works are the same. QBOL, on the other hand, is, and has the functionality of a web page.

4. Accessibility to Support

Choosing QuickBooks cloud hosting means opting for more than a product; it means selecting a team. Customer support, both IT and QuickBooks related become part of what you pay for.

5. Add Third-Party Software

For instance, QuickBooks on the cloud seamlessly communicates with ACT!, so when a new client is entered into ACT!, it automatically populates the same information into QuickBooks.

6. Superior Reporting Ability

In addition to having more reports, cloud hosted QuickBooks data can be exported into Microsoft, Excel, which is used for formulas, inputting gridlines, and for adding columns to make notes.

7. Generate Customized Letters

On cloud hosted QuickBooks, letters, such as collection letters, can be manipulated in Microsoft Word to incorporate or omit elements that the template letters provided through QBOL cannot.

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8. No Need to Convert Data to New Format

If you have QuickBooks and then elect QBOL, your data will have to be converted, but if you have QuickBooks and then join QuickBooks cloud solution, no conversion is necessary.

9. Ability to Restore Your Financial Data

QuickBooks Cloud is able to restore your financial data from a previous date is – something QBOL is not equipped to do.

10. Financial Professional Access

In a collaborative effort, Trapp Technology works with CPAs and bookeepers to create a customized portal for quick access to their client’s financial data, allowing simultaneous multi-user access to streamline processes between parties.

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