• January 07, 2014

Trapp Technology to Attend World of Concrete 2014

Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology to Attend World of Concrete 2014

Trapp Technology to Attend World of Concrete 2014 1080 454 Trapp Technology

One of the most popular international commercial construction trade shows for the concrete and masonry industries, World of Concrete, is in Las Vegas this month!


The World Of Concrete 2014 serves as an ideal platform for more than 50,000 professional experts from this sector to meet and directly interact with each other. The total exhibitor count at the show is in excess of 1,300, with a wide array of building materials, masonry products, machine tools and electrical equipments being showcased during the event. Several interactive special events are organized during the show and participating companies are provided with ample scope to expand their corporate networks here as well. The topical demonstration sessions and the competitions that are held here feature as prime highlights of the World Of Concrete show. Decorative concrete items are also exhibited during the event, which takes up a total exhibition space of 500,000 square feet.

Trapp Technology at World of Concrete

If you’re going to be at the convention, we want to see you! Make sure to find the Trapp Technology guys and say hello. Let us show you how you can work smarter by putting your construction software in the cloud!

Why are construction companies moving to the cloud?

There’s a few main reasons that the construction industry is making the transition to a cloud-based system.

1. Cost efficiency. Pooling configurable computing resources cuts costs. Due to reduced cap-ex investments, getting started in the cloud costs significantly less than building your own in-house server from the ground up. Additionally, there’s no cost for continuous server maintenance and management.

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2. Flexibility. With the cloud, you gain the ability to work from any location – construction site, home, office, or during travel. Having your work with you keeps you competitive!

3. Scalability. When you have your own dedicated cloud server that is completely customized and completely scalable, you’re free to really make the cloud your own. You can never outgrow the cloud.

4. Security. You will no longer have to worry about backing up your data. We run backups nightly, in addition to a 7 day rolling back up. What about disaster recovery? Your data is one less thing you have to worry about since all of your files are safely tucked away on the cloud.

Construction companies are increasingly looking to cloud-based solutions so that they can reduce their costs in an incredibly competitive environment. Utilizing the cloud was once a move reserved for big corporations. Now businesses with budgets of all sizes can reap the benefits of putting their software on the cloud.