• August 07, 2013

Trapp Technology Customer Solution Case Study: Integrative Business Solutions

Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology Customer Solution Case Study: Integrative Business Solutions

Trapp Technology Customer Solution Case Study: Integrative Business Solutions 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Integrative Business Solutions Builds Remote Management Company around MyAccountingCloud


“Trapp Technology is like my silent partner. I don’t see them or talk to them every day, but I can’t do without them.”
— Andrea Kranitz, Owner, Integrative Business Solutions

Customer: Integrative Business Solutions
Web Site: www.integrativebizsolutions.com
Country or Region: Arizona
Industry: Professional Services
Partner: Trapp Online
Website: www.trapponline.com

Customer Profile

Andrea Kranitz, a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, created her company, Integrative Business Solutions, to provide financial controller services to small business clients remotely anywhere in the world. Kranitz delivers high level controller knowledge, background and service at a reasonable cost to her clients in the design, medical, construction, weight loss and other industries using Trapp Technology’s MyAccountingCloud Hosting.

The Business model of Integrative Business Solutions (iBiz), a small business financial management company operating remotely, is built around Trapp Technology’s MyAccountingCloud. Andrea Kranitz, the owner, saves 10 hours per week over alternative service delivery methods, allowing her to take on 20% more clients. iBiz uses MyAccountingCloud as a compelling selling point when marketing its services to prospects.
Business Needs

With 30 years experience, Andrea Kranitz worked as a controller when she decided to start her own business. “I function as a contract small business manager,” said Kranitz. “In addition to working on transactional data and organizational process, I set up QuickBooks, clean it up, and teach clients how to use it so that it works with their businesses.”

Working Remotely

Located in the sprawling Phoenix metro area, Kranitz not only recruited clients up to 60 minutes away, but across the US and internationally. “If I had to drive to a client two days a month to work on their books, and interrupt them by using their computers, I am looking at almost two whole days of billing,” stated Kranitz. “So, I created the concept of a ‘Remote Controller’ to service clients from anywhere at any time.”
Kranitz began working remotely by using products such as LogMeIn to access client’s files on their computers. Gaining access was often slow. “If the client has a slow computer it takes five minutes with LogMeIn to get logged in to QuickBooks,” stated Kranitz. “It means I am spending 25% more time trying to access their files and do the work.” Kranitz needed a faster way to work remotely.

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Kranitz encountered the need to integrate QuickBooks with third party software, sometimes involving a hosting company. “It’s very easy for one of those parties to point the finger at the other company and say “it’s your fault,” stated Kranitz. iBiz sought a cooperative hosting company to make integrations work smoothly.

Data Conversions

iBiz needed a way to perform data conversions efficiently. “Typically, data conversion is done after hours or on the weekends,” explained Kranitz. “I would not be able to do a data conversion in another state without traveling. In addition, I would not have the option to work efficiently after hours without inconveniencing myself and the client.”


In 2009, within six months of starting the business, Kranitz met Greg Forshey, President of Trapp Technology at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting. She immediately saw hosting with Trapp Technology as a solution. “The reality is that I can get to my clients’ QuickBooks remotely saving time and travel; it’s easier to support them and the data is safer because they back it up—it was a no-brainer.”
Kranitz moved her files to Trapp Technology’s MyAccountingCloud and began encouraging clients to do the same. “It’s a tool that I try to get all my clients to use,” explained Kranitz. “I explain to them that, ‘hosting on MyAccountingCloud will allow me to better serve you because I can access your QuickBooks remotely.’”
Hosting with Trapp Technology enabled Kranitz to further develop her business concept. “Trapp Technology inspired me to take the business the route it has gone, because it really is a remote model,” said Kranitz. “I can access my clients’ QuickBooks, they can access their QuickBooks, and there are no files transferred back and forth. It saves time and is much quicker than doing a LogMeIn session.”

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Reliable and Fast

iBiz enjoys reliable service with very little down time. “I can think of one time in four years that they have been down,” related Kranitz. “It always works. I mean, they are just really good.”
Response times are improved when clients move to MyAccountingCloud. “It speeds it up for people who have slow computers,” explained Kranitz. “I have a fast computer, and for me, MyAccountingCloud is identical to working locally.”
Data conversions can be done remotely. “I can sit here in Arizona and work for someone on the East Coast when it is one or two in the morning there.”

Excellent Support

Trapp Technology’s support team is very responsive and easy to work with. “It doesn’t matter how many times I call, or what the issue is. They are so willing to help, and so nice about it that it makes me feel good about calling. It’s like having a friend at the other end,” explained Kranitz.
“I have worked with them a lot on third party software integration. They are helpful, and never say, ‘It’s not our problem.’ They always say, ‘If we can help you, we will.’”

20% More Clients

Kranitz can handle more clients working remotely. “MyAccounting Cloud allows me to get on and answer a question in a shorter period of time than if I had to go out to the client and look at their books,” stated Kranitz. “It probably saves me ten hours a week, but it could be more. Hosting allows me to take on 20% more clients.”
Kranitz also works up to 25% more efficiently with clients on MyAccountingCloud compared to using LogMeIn to access their files.

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Improved Customer Service

iBiz provides better service with MyAccountingCloud. “The client is getting someone who can look at things more often than if I had to drive to their site,” said Kranitz. “I have all of my clients on one portal. That makes it easy for me to jump from one client to another. I can sit here and work on four different clients. If someone calls me, I can say, ‘Let me get into your account.’ That’s tremendous, and it makes me look great because I am responsive.”

Persuasive Marketing

Kranitz uses Trapp Technology as a selling point to prospective clients. “I meet a lot of owners who travel, or live in two different places. I tell them that if they want to get to their information from anywhere in the world they don’t have to carry their QuickBooks with them if it’s on MyAccounting Cloud,” explained Kranitz. “I recommend it to prospects every time. There is always a good fit for it.”

Business Building Block

Trapp Technology is one of the foundation points of Integrative Business Solutions’ business model. “My tag line is ‘YourRemoteController,’” said Kranitz. “I am much more effective when I can get into my clients’ QuickBooks remotely using MyAccountingCloud. And, they love it because it goes wherever I am.”


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