• March 24, 2016

How Real Time Network Monitoring Keeps Your Business Healthy

real time network monitoring

How Real Time Network Monitoring Keeps Your Business Healthy

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Minimize Threats and Maximize Network Performance with Real Time Network Monitoring

Monitoring your network and business-critical assets around the clock lets you catch and address performance obstacles and security threats immediately before they slow you down—or even worse—knock you out. From small businesses to large enterprises, real time network monitoring keeps companies online and functioning at peak performance every second of the day.

Real-time network monitoring is an extremely versatile service tool for ensuring the performance of your network while also reducing your security threats to virtually nil—but what’s included with the service exactly?

Below we’ve included a brief guide to what a remote monitoring and management solution (RMM) can do and how it might work for you.

Real Time Network Monitoring At-a-Glance

A network monitoring solution is handled through a managed service provider (MSP) whose dedicated team of IT experts monitor and manage your network based on your company’s specific requirements or preferences from a remote location. These experts can monitor and manage virtually every aspect of your business network, with most common or popular services falling under (but not limited to):

  • Server and application performance monitoring
  • Bandwidth performance monitoring
  • WAN and VoIP system performance monitoring
  • Switch port monitoring
  • IP address management
  • Security/network protection monitoring
  • Troubleshooting

As your company continues to function as normal throughout the day, your MSP will keep track of any performance data that might be useful to increase performance and security of your network or applications—24/7/365.

For example, if your employees are having some connectivity issues, your MSP will be able to review the issue, diagnose the problem or obstacle, take the necessary next steps to resolve the issue, and offer you a detailed report of the entire process in a timely manner.

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Depending on which areas you’ve chosen to have monitored and managed, you’re MSP will be able to provide the following services (and more) in real time to help you gain greater visibility into the health, security, and functionality of your network and its components:

  • Custom notifications, reports, and alerts for your software, hardware, and network
  • Monitor device health and performance
  • Track and resolve network congestion
  • Detect and address unauthorized usage and security threats
  • Automate maintenance and tasks
  • Work with your existing network management software if needed

With experts handling the nitty-gritty yet essential task of handling your network, you’ll have the opportunity to put your best foot forward knowing your network assets are safe and functioning at peak performance.

Benefits of Real Time Network Monitoring

Maximize Uptime

Just like taking a car in for routine maintenance, your company sidesteps system downtime when you properly maintain and monitor your network components. A healthy network is the lifeblood of your company, and you’ll be happy you’ve got somebody behind the scenes to keep you online and functioning at peak performance.

 Predictive Analysis

Rather than taking a reactive approach to performance or security issues, real time network monitoring takes a proactive approach to ensuring the performance and consistency of your network. Based on the data collected in previous reports, you’ll have the chance to adjust your network components accordingly to optimize your future operations.

 Problem Mitigation

Remote monitoring and management gives you the opportunity to reduce careless wear and tear on your network components in avoid critical downtime when you can see obstacles a mile ahead. With RMM, you’ll stop the fire before it even starts.

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 Reduce TCO

Since the health of your network is continuously monitored and maintained, you can be rest assured your network components will be secure and in working order—saving you money on replacing equipment and software in addition to costly downtime.

 24/7/365 Expert Support

Even in the middle of the night, your network is safe and under the control of expert IT staff. If for any reason something goes wrong or you need a problem addressed, someone will be available to answer your call and get down to the issue in real time.

Interested in real time network monitoring? Browse Trapp Technology’s remote monitoring and management services here.

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