• November 14, 2014

Private, Dedicated Clouds Enhance Data Security

Trapp Technology

Private, Dedicated Clouds Enhance Data Security

Private, Dedicated Clouds Enhance Data Security 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Cloud Computing Brings Reliable Data Security to Your Company

It has always been thought that in-house IT systems implemented the safest data security for IT solutions. How could data ever be breached when it’s under your own nose? A study posted on USA Today states that 43% of companies had a data breach in the last year. Data security is a serious and costly issue that companies need to look into.

For many companies, files have long since moved from physical filing cabinets to digital files that can be accessed with the click of a button. The move to the digital era introduced new risk factors that could potentially compromise your personal and client’s data. Now that businesses have moved to the convenience of digital storage, access to files is virtual and can be done from any place. An attack can come from anywhere and by the looks of it; businesses need to tighten up their data security.

As mentioned earlier, 43% of companies are experiencing data breaches. The study continues to state that 27% of companies don’t have a plan or team in the event of a data breach. Nearly half of companies have a problem with data security, yet such a large number still have no way to respond to breaches. Data security deserves dedicated employees looking to create and maintain a secure network that protects all company and client information.

Data security should be a top priority to businesses. However, it is an expensive task that requires a lot of resources. Your company needs to keep up intelligence and be ready and predict potential holes in a system. Threats increase every day so the job of keeping up with data security is incredibly important. The effort puts a strain on in-house IT. Luckily, cloud hosted data storage solutions focus on providing a secure space for your data.

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Cloud Vendors such as Trapp Technology run large-scale operations that provide the resources and expertise needed to implement data security. Trapp offers many ways of keeping your data safe both digitally and physically.

Trapp Technology keeps its data center in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Its dry desert terrain is located far from natural disasters, keeping it safe from floods, earthquakes, and any other potential dangers. Trapp avoids the physical data security threats that cause harm by keeping its data center in a disaster resistant location.

Most importantly, Trapp is focused on providing digital data security. Trapp has nightly backups, in addition to a 7-day rolling back up. Trapp is also a certified SAS 70 type II, and SSAE 16 SOC Type II, Tier II data center. The system is equipped with a multi-level firewall specifically designed to minimize security risks. The data center is up to the banking industry’s standards. On top of these precautions, the data center is continuously monitored to keep your data safe. Trapp is dedicated to providing quality safety that will maintain the integrity of your data.

On top of the safety already provided, Trapp provides a dedicated and private cloud server. This ensures that your data is not shared with anybody. Only you have access to your data and you have complete control over who you allow access to. The problem with other clouds is the over subscription. When the servers are experiencing too much traffic, you can get booted from your data. With Trapp your data is always available to you and you do not share time with anybody.

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Need data security? Test drive a private cloud for 30 days, risk free.

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