• January 24, 2014

Inside the Data Center: Trapp Technology’s Cloud Security

Trapp Technology

Inside the Data Center: Trapp Technology’s Cloud Security

Inside the Data Center: Trapp Technology’s Cloud Security 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology Data Center

The Trapp Technology cloud may seem to be similar to other clouds on the surface, but our security and redundancy take things to a higher level that you wont find anywhere else. Strict server security ensures your critical data’s integrity. Our data center utilizes Terminal Services technology and non-typical external ports to provide extremely secure hosting and access of your financial data.

Utilizing scalable Cisco ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliances with built-in world class firewall, unified communication security, VPN, intrusion prevention (IPS) and content security services, Trapp Technology provides an ironclad defense system against unauthorized access.

At the core of our cloud is our impenetrable infrastructure. Take a look at the physical security measures we have in place at our Phoenix, Arizona data center.

When someone accesses your cloud, you can rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to ensure your cloud’s security is as robust as ever. Upon login, the individual user’s credentials are checked regardless of the location or device from which the data is accessed. Your cloud is encrypted with SSL certificates and RDP/RDC session 128-bit RC4 encryption, and you maintain control of your end-user permission levels.

That’s the virtual security that we provide, and we take physical data security just as seriously. Our data center is located below ground level in Phoenix, Arizona, a location considered to be safe from fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado and other natural disasters. A disaster recovery plan protects data in case of an unlikely event.

To enter our data center, one must pass through a man trap with turnstile and complete a 2 factor authentication. The facility requires key card access 24/7, as well as entry and exit logs, biometric security, and is equipped with closed circuit monitoring with CCTV. When it comes to manpower, the facility has a 24/7 support staff and security operations center with alarms tied into campus, BMS, local police and fire departments.

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