• May 21, 2013

How to Fix ActiveX Error on Internet Explorer

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How to Fix ActiveX Error on Internet Explorer

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Troubleshooting Your ActiveX Error on IE

When you’re using any of Trapp Technology’s cloud hosting services, you’ll need to be using Internet Explorer as your browser. You may have an ActiveX error pop up when you’re logging in from a PC using Internet Explorer using a remote app. Our tech team is pretty stellar, and they’ll lend a hand to help you get it fixed.

Fixing an ActiveX Error

Take a look at the bottom of your screen for a pop up that says “allow” and click on it. If that doesn’t fix it, click on “tools” at the top right of Internet Explorer, followed by a click on Internet Options, then Advanced tab, then click on the Reset button on the bottom.  Now close all other Internet Explorer windows while the reset takes place. Once all the check boxes finish, close Internet Explorer and go back to your Trapp Technology portal page. The ActiveX pop up will appear. Click Run, and you’re good to go!

Using the cloud on a Mac


Just as a reminder, you must use Internet Explorer on the cloud unless you’re using a Mac, then remote desktop will give you access to the cloud.  You can also access your software on an iPad, as well as Android devices. You’ve got to go where your work takes you, and the cloud provides great flexibility!

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