• April 11, 2016

Gifts For Accountants During Tax Season

Gifts for Accountants

Gifts For Accountants During Tax Season

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5 Gifts For Accountants Perfect For Tax Season

Tax season is nearing its end and it’s time to thank the real heroes, accountants. Get gifts for accountants that they truly want and show them you appreciate all they do for your business. Here are 5 gifts that are perfect for accountants.

CPA’s and accountants work hard and make sure your finances are in order. When tax season rolls around, they carry the weight of your company on their shoulders. It’s time to show them some appreciation and make sure they know that we count on them for important work. Gifts for accountants can be hard to find, but here are some ideas for gifts that they’ll truly appreciate.

5. USB Beverage Warmer/Cooler:
Starting this list of great gifts for accountants is the lifeblood of the workforce. This is a device that will keep your coffee warm or your caffeinated beverage cold. Your accountant or CPA will no longer have to suffer through luke warm coffee or soda. Instead, they can enjoy a drink at the temperature they like it.

4. A Parking Space:
Parking structures drain a lot of your time. Winding up the levels to get to your parking space can be a hassle. Buying your accountant a parking space on the first floor of their building will keep them from experiencing the winding turns and traffic to get in our out of the garage.

3. Mugs:
Who has time for dishes? Definitely not an accountant. It also isn’t great drinking from a dirty cup. Accountants need plenty of mugs to avoid having to constantly wash their mug for the next cup of Joe. This is one of the best gifts for accountants because it saves them time and keeps them energized.

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4. Office Chair:
A comfortable office chair is important. Accountants and CPA’s will be spending long hours in their office at a computer. They need a workstation that will remain comfortable while they are hard at work. Office chairs are great gifts for accountants, just don’t skimp out and buy something cheap. They deserve the good chair.

5. Cloud Subscription:
As far as beneficial gifts for accountants go, this one has to take the cake. A cloud service can be used to access your accounting software from a remote location. For accountants or CPA’s that have to travel to do work on their client’s accounts, this saves them tons of time and money. They get instant access to their client’s data from the comfort of their desk.

They can even access the data at home away from their desks on any device. This gives your accountant more flexibility so they can easily access files without having to find a way to travel with them. Meanwhile, your data is on a secure server that only you and your approved financial professional can access. You get to control your data and a team of professionals manages the technology. That makes the cloud one of the best gifts for accountants.

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