• August 14, 2013

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting vs. QuickBooks Online | Whiteboard Wednesday

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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting vs. QuickBooks Online | Whiteboard Wednesday

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting vs. QuickBooks Online | Whiteboard Wednesday 1080 454 Trapp Technology

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Use the cloud for QuickBooks cloud hosting and increase the power of your software. Get remote access to your information through any device with Internet capabilities.

Not surprisingly, we have a plethora of clients that come to us after being disappointed by Intuit’s anywhere “solution,” QuickBooks Online. QBOL users are let down by less-than-stellar functionality, and sub-par features. We knew there had to be a better way to use QuickBooks from any location, so we got to work building a fully functional QuickBooks cloud environment.

And so, My QuickBooks Cloud was born.

But what makes the two so different? Quite a bit! Take a look at this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday to learn how we stand above QuickBooks Online with dedicated QuickBooks cloud hosting.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

The complaint we hear the most is that QuickBooks Online doesn’t provide a truly fully functional work environment. With QBOL, critical features that you’re accustomed to using with QuickBooks (desktop) are missing. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you login through Trapp Technology and see it’s almost impossible to distinguish the difference between a locally installed version of QuickBooks and a cloud hosted version. Why? Because it’s the same software, only it’s installed on a safe, secure server in Phoenix, Arizona — not your local machine. Some users even experience faster load times once they move to the cloud, with the reason being that their software is the only program installed on your customized cloud server. In addition to having more reports, Trapp Technology QuickBooks cloud hosting data can be exported into Microsoft, Excel, which is used for formulas, inputting gridlines, and for adding columns to make notes.

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If you’d like to compare QuickBooks Online and Trapp Technology’s QuickBooks solution, then you’re in luck. We offer a 30 day Test Drive. Sign up, and we’ll build you your very own customized QuickBooks cloud server, and we’ll load your data for you. If you’ve been frustrated by QuickBooks Online, it’s probably time to look at other options. We’re ready to get you in the cloud and try QuickBooks cloud hosting!

Test Drive QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for 30-Days!

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