• March 27, 2011

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting on the Cloud

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Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting on the Cloud

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QuickBooks Hosting Service Benefits

QuickBooks Hosting service allows users to access QuickBooks accounting software anytime from anywhere as a local desktop interface would provide. With guaranteed uptime and high speed access, it provides for real-time simultaneous remote access to the QuickBooks software and data files. The key benefit of QuickBooks Hosting service is the ability to increase revenue by serving more customers, in more locations, with less travel time and travel expense. Most importantly, QuickBooks Hosting service enables the conduct of the business in the most optimized way, as it not only allows you to serve more clients but at the same time handle them effectively and efficiently. It is also a great solution for any size business that has multiple offices and/or staff working remotely.

QuickBooks Hosting Services – Anytime Anywhere Access:

QuickBooks Hosting allow you to access your file(s) from multiple locations as well as by many users simultaneously thus providing a truly collaborative experience. This makes you independent of your local network as far as access is concerned. The most obvious benefit of remote service is the high speed online response of the QuickBooks application. This is because the application is installed and running on our latest highly optimized servers allowing you to access the files from anywhere.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting service are:
  • Anytime anywhere access
  • Instant connectivity
  • High speed connectivity
  • Full featured remote access
  • Multi-user access
Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs with QuickBooks Hosting Service:

With QuickBooks Hosting Services you do not have to install any versions of the QuickBooks on any of your systems, as they are installed and run on the terminal servers. (You do need to own a license of QuickBooks) QuickBooks Hosting on the Terminal Servers makes it independent of the local computer system requirements, you need not invest in continually upgrading your IT infrastructure. My Accounting Cloud application hosting services uses the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2008 for QuickBooks Hosting, which provides you the highest uptime and ease of access.

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My Accounting Cloud QuickBooks Hosting service allows you to:
  • Host all versions of QuickBooks
  • No additional IT infrastructure needed
  • High access speed as compared to your local network
Access full featured QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Hosting on our QuickBooks Terminal Servers enable you to access full features of the latest QuickBooks application and for any version of the program you might have installed. Also you might be running various versions of the QuickBooks software which My Accounting Cloud can support in a hosted environment. Hosting not only saves on the time and effort of the installation and technicalities for different users, all of them can be run on just one hosted system. Since we host the same version that you are normally using and licensed to use, you do not have to learn anything new for online and remote access.

QuickBooks Hosting with My Accounting Cloud helps you to:
  • Use the latest version of QuickBooks or prior versions
  • No feature loss while moving to hosted applications
  • No additional learning on your part
  • Latest updates automatically incorporated
Trapp Technology cloud hosting supports:
  • All major Add-ons
  • More security as Add-on also hosted on the terminal servers
  • Easy and trouble free integration of various versions of QuickBooks with latest Add-ons
Security And Reliability with QuickBooks Hosting Service:

Security of your data and files is unquestionably most essential to your business. Threat to data security can occur either due to laxity in data transfer in the network or threat to the server storage features. Data backed up locally may suffer if the data lost accidently or due to spywares or viruses. QuickBooks hosting service allow the storage of data in the safest way possible. The data of your application is saved in our highly protected data centers regularly as well as there is multiple backups of your files. Besides that, data transfer is also safe as it is enabled through highly encrypted data transfer protocol. Further, you have the reliability of My Accounting Cloud heavily protected data centers as well as confidentiality that your data is only accessed by you.

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Services that comes with QuickBooks Hosting Service are:
  • Always on monitoring
  • Multiple backups
  • Daily backup for increased data safety
  • Highly protected data centers
  • Password Protected Access
  • Remote support

QuickBooks Hosting Service comes with a proactive 24/7 system monitoring and customer support service to help you troubleshoot any problems being faced by you. Your call or message for support is responded to within seconds.

QuickBooks Remote access allows you to have:
  • Domestic United States support
  • Contact through telephone, email or online chat
  • Prompt response and troubleshooting

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