• Born in a data center, Trapp Technology’s Internet solution, Blended Bandwidth, was developed as a premium connectivity blend of top IP carriers to deliver reliable, redundant, and extremely fast Internet service.

    Strategic relationships with over 70 International and National Internet Service Providers ensure the benefits of Blended Bandwidth can now be shared by data centers, corporations, and smart-buildings alike.


  • Blended Bandwidth Solutions

    Our multi-provider bandwidth gives your business the flexibility to withstand carrier outages or performance problems as your connectivity automatically adapts to changes in the Internet.

    • Three+ Primary ISPs
    • BGP Configuration and IP Requirements Consultation
    • < 72 hr. Implementation (within DC)
    • Customized Timeframe
    • IPV4 or IPV6 Allocation
    • HRSP or VRRP
    • 24/7/365 NOC, Monitoring, and U.S.-based Support
    • OSPF as an IGP and BGP
    • Customizable Carrier Blend


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    Bandwidth Works

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    Internet Services

  • Blended Bandwidth Difference

    Never Oversubscribe

    Some ISPs sell more bandwidth than they have, resulting in degraded customers’ service and speed. Get a dedicated blend that will route around trouble spots and reduce impact on operations.

    No Traffic Shaping

    Competitors purposefully control your traffic through their cheapest carrier, not necessarily the fastest. Our protocols automatically take the shorts path to its destination.

    Customizable Blend

    Don’t get a stock blend that may not meet your security, route, and shortest path standards. Select a custom blend for the best performance and redundancy possible.

  • How It Works

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    Award Winning

    Trapp Technology is proud to be a twice-ranked Inc. 500 honoree as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. We are ranked #1 in IT Solutions industry in Arizona.

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    Certified Experts

    Trapp Technology is comprised of experienced and certified experts who boast a broad range of specialized skills in their field. Read about our ever-updating certifications on our solutions page.

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    We incorporate the best practices and value-added solutions by partnering with industry leading technology partners. View our internet carriers on our Solutions page.

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    Our Managed Infrasturcture clients gain access to our technical and customer support team 24/7/365. Learn more about dedicated support services and convenient self-help tools.

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