• May 27, 2015

XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution for your Business

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XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution for your Business

XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution for your Business 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Send Better Fax with XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution

Your business has to communicate in many ways. Via phone, email, meetings, and fax. Fax has always been more of a hassle than a convenience. With XMediusFAX you gain the ability to send fax with more ease and security than ever before. Here is what you need to know about fax over IP.

XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution

Your solutions should be a convenience not a hassle. This means you need to have solutions designed to improve your workflow and make your staff more efficient. XMediusFAX is designed to make sending and receiving fax a lot easier than it has been in the past. You have more options available to you so you can always pick the most convenient method to communicate with clients, businesses, and any other entity.

What is XMediusFAX IP Fax Solution?
It’s the fastest and most reliable, software-based IP Fax solution to send and receive confidential faxes securely via email. Sending a fax was always a slow process that required you to go to a machine and wait as you fed papers to send. XMediusFAX gives you more options for sending and receiving faxes so you can use the option that is most convenient to you.

How does it work?
By converting a fax and transmitting it to a compatible phone system, XMediusFax users can send and receive faxes via email, secure web clients, desktop client, or print drivers. This means you get more options for how to convert your files and send them to their destination. IP Fax is also convenient to the receiver because they will get the information they need from you much more quickly than before.

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Who is XMediusFax designed for?
Organizations of all sizes can use this solution for their business. With three application editions to choose from, XmediusFAX is the IP Fax solution designed to fit your business needs and usage. You get the plan that fits your unique needs and budget. If you are a smaller sized business, you don’t have to commit to an option that is too big for your business. Instead, you can get the option that fits you and grow from there.

What other available features does XMediusFax have?

  • Redundancy Options for high availability and disaster recovery for LAN or WAN scenarios
  • Custom Reports in addition to 20+ predefined reports
  • Fax Retention and Deletion policies by site, group or user
  • Virtualization capabilities with VMware, HyperV and XenServer
  • Compliance for finance, healthcare, education, legal and Enterprise industries

Does Trapp Technology offer XMediusFax IP Fax solutions?
Of course! Trapp Technology is a proud partner of SageMCom, the global leader of Fax Over IP Solutions and developer of XMediusFax. We’re experts in communication infrastructure design, installation, and support for your on-premise FoIP solution.

We focus on solutions that fit your business. You should be equipped with the right technology instead of investing into solutions that don’t improve your process. You also need the right people to integrate your technology as seamlessly as possible. XMediusFAX is an excellent tool because it fulfills your fax needs and improves the process.

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