• May 26, 2015

Santrio Automates Customer Support and Sales Processing

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Santrio Automates Customer Support and Sales Processing

Santrio Automates Customer Support and Sales Processing 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Better Customer Support and Sales Order Processing with Santrio

Customers are a huge part of business. Products and services are aimed and designed with the customer in mind. The software you use should represent the need to maintain quality relationships with customers so they continue to trust your business. Santrio Open For Business is the perfect tool for your sales representatives and your cloud environment.


Santrio Open for Business is a great way for Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Distributers to automate their processes. E-Commerce platforms also gain a lot of power when you utilize Santrio. You can bridge the gap between customers and sales reps. Meanwhile, if you host on the cloud, you get better integration with your software solutions along with added benefits.

Better Communication:
Your sales reps will have the tools they need to communicate with customers when using Santrio. All customer data is available to you so your sales reps have the right information with any given client. They also have the current pricing and product data so your customers are given the most accurate information at any given time. This allows your sales reps to work with the right information when interacting with customers. Here are some more benefits you get from Santrio:

  • Item availability
  • Check discounts for any customer
  • Add notes to customer records
  • Check back order and shipping availability
  • Check order status

Automate Orders:
Automation is the best way to save time and streamline your business. Your orders can be automatically inputted in QuickBooks when you use Santrio. When orders are made, Santrio automatically inputs the data in your QuickBooks software so you do not have to do data entry on orders. This allows you to focus your energy on making sales rather than recording them. You also get charts to track your progress and continue to improve your sales. Here are some great automation features you get:

  • Automatically forward orders to warehouses
  • All parties see current information on orders
  • All parties exchange notes on orders
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Cloud Hosting:
Hosting your Santrio software on the cloud gives you an environment to integrate your process and the best access to your software. When you use the cloud to host your software, you are getting professional services and technology you normally wouldn’t have access to. The most popular benefit is remote access. This allows you to easily access your data from any location without having to transfer files from place to place. This means you can save time and always work on the most up to date data. Here are more benefits from cloud hosting:

  • Comprehensive security
  • Nightly backups
  • Dedicated environment to grow your business
  • 24/7 support

You get the tools your business needs to grow when using software on the cloud. There are many ways to grow your sales process and keep better track of customers, products, and the orders placed when you use the right software. There are many opportunities from hosting Santrio on your cloud.

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