• May 19, 2015

5 Things to Know About Email Archiving

5 Things to Know About Email Archiving

5 Things to Know About Email Archiving 900 900 Trapp Technology

Using Email Archiving For Your Business

Email is a huge part of the work place. Many times, sensitive information must be sent via email. Your company needs to have a powerful tool to keep track of information and a clear policy set in place for sharing information via email. Email Archiving is a solution that will automate this process and give you safer email.
Email archiving can be utilized by businesses to upgrade their safety and automate the process. Your email needs to be protected and backed up. Email archiving will keep your information protected and on hand when you need to do an audit. This will also keep your email up to your compliance standards. Here are 5 things to know about email archiving.

What is Email Archiving?
It is a secure, centralized email repository solution designed to create permanent and auditable copies of inbound and outbound emails on your domain, while protecting your intellectual property from improper use. This solution gives you a place where your emails are stored and protected so you do not have to worry about lost information and can always access old information.

Why is it more secure?
Did you know that 35% of data loss incidents are caused by email leakage? Email archiving comes with multiple security solutions for Data Leak Prevention and Encryption capabilities. It also provides custom administrator controls such as user permissions, activity logs, content filters, and in-depth system reports. Security is important for your business. There is a lot of threat with emails being lost because people gain access to information that you did not want to share.

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Which industries need Email Archiving?
Many industries can benefit from email archiving. Financial and healthcare industries must meet state and national regulations such as HIPAA, SEC, GLBA, FINRA, and SOX compliance. Businesses in all industries can take advantage of its security features and benefits. Compliance is often required for many industries so you need to go with a solution that offers the standards that you require for your business.

Why host it?
Hosting email archiving alleviates the strain on in-house IT from the daily management, maintenance, and increasingly complex compliance requirements. It’s a cost-effective alternative that requires no additional investment on hardware or IT resources. Hosting gives you a staff of professionals to keep up with your system and assures that it is well maintained and continues to meet your compliance standards. This relieves both your IT department and infrastructure.

What tools do I get?
Your data needs to be secure and you have all the right tools to make that happen when you utilize Email Archiving. You have tools that automatically screen the content in emails so you can stop sensitive information from being shared through email. This allows you to take extra precaution on top of your email policies to keep your information private.

There are many was to benefit from technology. Doing your research on new solutions is a great way of finding out what is right for you. If email archiving is what you are looking for, you can talk to our professionals about getting started.

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