• July 11, 2014

The Internet Is Magic (Video)

Trapp Technology

The Internet Is Magic (Video)

The Internet Is Magic (Video) 1080 454 Trapp Technology
We use it every day, if not every hour. But only a rare few can breakdown the mechanics of it. We’re talking about the magic of Internet, of course.

Trapp Technology went out to quiz random bypassers basic terms and concepts about the Internet.

Based on the answers we got, turns out that there’s a whole lot more to the Internet than just finding the closest Wi-Fi signal!

Scroll down to see the list of questions along with the correct answers.

But watch the video first! Can you answer without peeking? Or is the Internet, in fact, Magic?


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 The Internet is Magic Questions:

  1. The concept that all internet traffic should be treated equally is what?
  2. What does the IP in IP address stand for?
  3. What does HTTP stand for?
  4. When information is sent from one IP address to another, that data is called:
    A. Switches
    B. Packets
    C. Coax
  5. How does an e-mail get from the United States to Europe?
  6. True or False: The Internet Is Magic


  1. Net Neutrality
  2. Internet Protocol
  3. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  4. B. Packets
  5. Undersea Cables
  6. Tell us what you think in the comments below!
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