• June 03, 2013

The Dedicated Resources Difference

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The Dedicated Resources Difference

The Dedicated Resources Difference 1080 454 Trapp Technology


Why do I need dedicated resources for my cloud?

One of the concerns enterprises have about cloud computing is the fight for resources. Companies are concerned that they’ll have to fight for the attention of the servers. Enterprise cloud computing companies mitigate that by providing resources that are dedicated to one particular client. Alternatively, some cloud computing companies will do what is called over-subscribing — filling up servers with as many virtual machines as they can, betting on the fact that not all clients will use all of the resources, all the time. Have you ever been the unlucky person to get booted off of an overbooked flight? The same thing happens to those on clouds with shared resources. It’s not fun at the airport, and it’s not fun when you’re hard at work.

How do shared and dedicated resources differ?

When you have dedicated resources, the functions of other cloud clients does not affect your users. For example, if a large client with 100 users all log in at the same time, and you have 3 users and need to log in, your performance and efficiency will not be affected. Your resources are built based on your company and how many users you have. We provide each server/client with the necessary resources (processors, RAM, and hard drive) based on your company and users.

A secure, dedicated environment

The beauty of dedicated resources doesn’t end with storage — it also creates an additional layer of security. Having dedicated resources means your data is separate from other cloud dwellers’ data. If another cloud client uploads a corrupted file to their cloud, it cannot mix in with your data. Your files are safe and sound in your own personal cloud environment. You can learn more about this extra layer of security here.

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Benefits of Dedicated Resources
  • Separate data
  • No over-subscribing
  • Custom resources built to your needs
  • Better performance


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