• May 15, 2018

Solution Sprawl: How Much is too Much?

Solution Sprawl: How Much is too Much?

Solution Sprawl: How Much is too Much? 1080 540 Trapp Technology

Solution sprawl–the continuous and often unchecked addition of software services and tools across multiple departments into a business–can be a cybersecurity nightmare if those solutions are not implemented, monitored, and managed correctly. While solution sprawl is expected to a certain degree (after all, companies DO need some of those services and tools), at what point do you need to cut back on the services leveraged to keep the company safe? How much is too much?

The truth is, nearly 40% of cloud-based software services implemented in any given organization are commissioned without the IT department’s involvement, which is an incredibly dangerous position to be in. For example, how can your IT department monitor and protect the company network when they don’t know where the network it begins and ends? How do they protect something they don’t know about?

Luckily, Trapp Technology’s cyber threat assessments offer an intelligent, data-driven answer to that. Our assessments give you greater insight into the breadth of your security footprint, identifying the weakest and most vulnerable endpoints across the entirety of the network so you can rest easy at night. We can even let you know which software applications are putting your company at the most risk so you can reevaluate your overall company strategies.

Once the assessment is complete, your company will have the risk awareness and threat intelligence needed to take the appropriate actions against those vulnerabilities—whether that’s tightening security protocol, eliminating solutions, renewing hardware, or any other strategy that improves the security, productivity, and performance of your network.

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Please give a cyber threat assessment or our other security services a look to see if Trapp Technology would be of service to your company. To reach a representative directly to set an appointment, call (877) 942-2568 or email sales@trapptechnology.com and we’ll be in touch.