• May 15, 2018

Cybersecurity: How to Achieve More with Less

Cybersecurity: How to Achieve More with Less

Cybersecurity: How to Achieve More with Less 1080 539 Trapp Technology

I know what you’re thinking: are you crazy? When it comes to cybersecurity, less … is more?

Stay with me here.

When organizations utilize multiple security products and vendors that aren’t integrated (or integrated correctly), the high number of alerts coming in from multiple systems can make it nearly impossible to assign threat priority and to find duplicate notifications to mitigate those emerging threats. Without complete integration, security teams are limited in their ability to correlate and analyze threats, and therefore cannot effectively do their jobs to protect your company assets.

Our business security advisers at Trapp Technology know the biggest challenge for today’s small businesses are the myriad of IT security options in the marketplace, but since few provide a truly holistic solution, IT departments implement countless tools and platforms that are being held together with chicken wire and masking tape. This creates a major problem for IT leaders: Solution Sprawl.

Through a comprehensive IT security assessment, our team identifies poorly integrated systems that are holding businesses back and recommend a clear path forward. By the end of our assessment, we will work with you to consolidate, streamline, and strengthen your security:

  • Gain visibility into present and potential security threats
  • Reduce shadow IT costs by letting your threat detection tools do the heavy lifting
  • Review a solution cutover plan that keeps your company secure throughout the transition

Honestly, sometimes the best path forward is addition by subtraction. We’ve worked with businesses like Ashton Tiffany, Corgenix, and Casino Arizona to increase their technology efficiencies while reducing overhead, and I’m confident that we can do the same for you.

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Interested in any of the above? Please explore our services and schedule a cybersecurity assessment here. You can also call a Trapp Technology representative directly at (877) 942-2568 or email sales@trapptechnology.com and we’ll be in touch.