• April 26, 2018

IT Security Architecture Complexity Can Slow Reaction Time

IT Security Architecture Complexity Can Slow Reaction Time

IT Security Architecture Complexity Can Slow Reaction Time 1080 540 Trapp Technology

Although some complexity in an IT security architecture is expected, too much complexity can impact your ability to respond to data breaches quickly. Even the quickest resolutions aren’t cheap with the average total cost of a data breach ranging from 2,600 to 100,000 compromised records reaching $3.62 million.

How many data files does ‎your business have that are at risk of attack?

With that kind of money on the line, it’s important to have a security fabric that is efficient, well-integrated and reduces operational complexity. At Trapp Technology, our team of IT security engineers conducts a thorough IT security assessment where we evaluate your current solutions and identify opportunities to both reduce the complexity and increase compatibility of your infrastructure, resulting in a more cohesive defense solution, and lowering the likelihood of a data breach payout.

Armed with the data from a Trapp Technology IT security assessment, your company will:

  • Receive a detailed risk analysis, complete with recommendations for a clear path forward
  • Leverage Trapp Technology’s IT security experts to design and implement a unified security fabric
  • Increase operating efficiencies and reduce superfluous security tools
  • Greatly reduce the amount of time to detect any potential threat

We’ve worked with companies like Casino Arizona, Grand Canyon University, and Kawasaki to help them streamline their technology systems, just to name a few. Trapp Technology’s services can also fit the needs of small to mid-size businesses with limited IT budgets as well. We can customize a security plan that aligns with the strategic goals and technical requirements of any company to deliver the level of performance and security they need at the lowest price possible.

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For more information on an IT security assessment or Trapp Technology’s security services as a whole, please check out our security portfolio in the top menu or click here. You can also reach a representative directly at (877) 942-2568 or email sales@trapptechnology.com for an introductory meeting.