• January 29, 2016

Quicken In the Cloud Expands Your Business

Quicken in the cloud

Quicken In the Cloud Expands Your Business

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Hosting Quicken In The Cloud

Accounting software is crucial for businesses. It makes it easy to properly record all the money that leaves and enters your company. Software is there to make your work easy, and the cloud is there to improve your access to your data. Hosting Quicken in the cloud benefits your business in many ways and you have a lot of opportunity to grow.

Quicken software is great for simple accounting solutions for small businesses. Small businesses face a lot of challenges because of the restraint on budgets and lack of resources. You have to spend money to make money is a common attitude in business, but it isn’t as easy for small businesses to pull off. Quicken in the cloud provides really great tools your business without costing you an arm and a leg.

Benefits of Quicken In The Cloud

Remote Access
How would your business benefit if your employees could work from a remote location? It is easy to find working from home inconvenient, especially when you don’t have the right files or you are having trouble accessing your data. Quicken in the cloud makes it easy to login to your cloud environment and get to work on up to date data. You no longer have to worry about having a day out of the office because you have access from any location with an Internet connection.

Any Device
Have you tried using your Quicken software on any of your devices? For most people, they don’t even know they have the option to use software on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Quicken in the cloud can be accessed through an application that allows you to see your software. Your cloud gives your devices more power than they had before and more options for how you do your work.

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Advanced Technology
A cloud provider gives you the best servers to host your data. You also get a staff of professionals maintaining your environment and making sure that your technology is running smoothly when you access your Quicken software. Quicken in the cloud works great on a cloud environment and your business runs into minimal issues.

A private cloud is going to give your business the security that it needs. Your data is private and crucial to your success. A private cloud blocks all others from having access to your cloud. Only you and any users that you approve have access to Quicken in the cloud. You get the best control over your data so you have less to worry about when working at any given time.

Cost Advantage
Small businesses often lack the resources to build up their own IT infrastructure. Utilizing Quicken in the cloud allows them to host their software on a secure environment that is maintained and monitored without spending the money to do so. The cost of hosting Quicken in the cloud is far less significant than building your own servers and hiring the staff to maintain them.

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