• June 12, 2014

Pull a “Netflix” and Be Proactive About Slow ISPs

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Pull a “Netflix” and Be Proactive About Slow ISPs

Pull a “Netflix” and Be Proactive About Slow ISPs 1080 454 Trapp Technology

At Trapp Technology, we strive to give our customers the best experience when utilizing their cloud-hosted applications. That’s why we created a blended bandwidth solution to achieve the fastest broadband speeds possible and proactive tools that ensure your application is constantly running at peak performance. So when Netflix took their frustrations about slow broadband speeds and net neutrality to the public, we couldn’t help but feel their pain.

In early 2014, studies found that Netflix was responsible for 35% of all peak-time Internet usage, with the top 15% of streaming video users taking up as much as 7x the average broadband user. For avid streaming video users, the highest ISP speed is essential. And when your broadband provider is the cause of slow buffering, Netflix does not hesitate to call them out, (until, of course, they’re issued a cease and desist letter (Time.com).
Netflix also provides their 48 million global members with an ISP Speed Index guide, analyzing the highest, lowest, and average ISP speeds that deliver the best streaming experience. According to May 2014 data in USA, Verizon- DSL customers had the lowest streaming speed at 1.05Mbps, and Cablevision- Optimum had the highest speed with 3.03 Mbps. But if you want to test your Netflix performance in real-time, don’t forget about this not-so-secret, cult hit “Example Show 23.976”. On the top left of the screen, your Bitrate and Resolution configurations will appear in real-time. Officially, as per Netflix spokesperson:

“These test videos are designed to help makers of consumer electronics devices that can stream from Netflix test their video players to handle various scenarios such as audio-visual syncing and complex motion at a wide variance of frame rates.”

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But to viewers in-the-know, this Netflix “Original Series” has received rave reviews for creative brilliance, avant-garde artistry, and spellbinding storytelling. For old time’s sake and #TBT, we watched Example Show at our Trapp Corp headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ and, in seconds, reached 3000 kpbs (1024 kpbs = 1 Mbps). With that speed, we didn’t miss a beat of the sensual hand-in-fountain, Netflix running man, or multi-tasking moon dance scenes, and of course, Actor’s uber-passionate “Julius Cesar” monologue. Check out Example Show 23.976 for yourself!

And if your ISP isn’t providing you with the best experience, give us a call at (1) 877-942-2568, or visit Trapp Technology.