• June 08, 2018

Managing an Unplanned Change in IT Leadership

Managing an Unplanned Change in IT Leadership

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An unplanned change in IT leadership can be a particularly stressful event for any business. Depending on the company and its situation, a sudden shift in morale, strategy, and/or team dynamic can cause serious problems that could have major repercussions down the road. In the more severe cases, such shifts could cause the whole department to unravel, setting off massive headaches and potential costs as the weeks and months drag on.

Luckily, there’s a solution to that problem.

Trapp Technology has helped many companies transition from one leader to another in highly uncertain times. If your company has experienced an unplanned shift in IT leadership, taking the opportunity to get an unbiased assessment of your current IT landscape can allow you to answer some of the following critical questions:

  • Tactically, how is IT performing? Are projects being completed? Do individual business units have the necessary tools to automate process and effectively drive innovation?
  • Financially, are there areas where we are bleeding IT costs? Are there cost saving opportunities we are missing? Where are our shadow IT costs and how do we remediate? Where can we invest in IT and see immediate returns to the bottom line or efficiency?
  • Strategically, does management have access to dashboards to help improve decision making and improve company agility and speed to market? How can IT help deliver capabilities to meet customer demands? How can IT and technology be leveraged to help grow business?

The outcome of working with our team is very simple: we give you a 360-degree view of your company’s IT performance as your company tackles major leadership hires. We will also help you develop an IT strategy and roadmap designed to take your technology to the next level and provide the building blocks in IT to spur business growth.

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