• April 14, 2014

Trapp Technology Help Desk Now Pulls All Nighters | Expanded Hours

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Trapp Technology Help Desk Now Pulls All Nighters | Expanded Hours

Trapp Technology Help Desk Now Pulls All Nighters | Expanded Hours 1080 454 Trapp Technology

To continue providing mind blowing support to our cloud hosting customers, Trapp Technology has made the move to offer live phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to their entire client base!


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“Trapp Technology is making monumental steps to meet our customers’ needs. Expanding our live support hours aligns with our mission to give our clients the ultimate hosting experience,” says Technical Support Manager Jason Claiborne. “We now have phone lines manned by Trapp Technology support technicians from 9:00 PM Arizona time on Sunday to 9:00 PM Arizona time on Friday. Continuing on with our after hours on-call support is important to us as well. We will never be more than a phone call away.”

This addition is just one aspect of the Trapp Technology support experience. It begins with our dedicated Onboarding Specialists that work meticulously to migrate your applications to the cloud. Our team of support technicians help you log in to the cloud, train your team, and answer any questions you may have about your application’s platform.

If you find that you need assistance outside of our extended live support hours, you can always visit helpdesk.trapponline.com, or call our help desk line for on-call support.

About the Trapp Technology Help Desk

The Trapp Technology Help Desk website is a one-stop shop where you can reset your password, add or remove users, and update your financial professional’s information.

While we provide many ways for you to update your cloud settings online, we know that there’s nothing that can replace a live support staff. Trapp Technology prides themselves on being 100% U.S.-based, and that includes our phone support. You can reach our support team from 9:00 PM (AZ) Sunday to 9:00 PM (AZ) Friday. All of these support features are included in your cloud hosting at no additional charge.

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