• August 20, 2013

Three Cloud Resources You’re Missing Out On

Trapp Technology

Three Cloud Resources You’re Missing Out On

Three Cloud Resources You’re Missing Out On 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Your cloud is only as good as the support resources it comes with, right? You wouldn’t want to use your most prized business tool blindly, would you? Trapp Technology has created two resources that you’ll want to utilize while you work in the cloud.

1. Trapp Technology Help Desk


Making basic changes to your Trapp Technology cloud account has never been easier. You can do simple tasks like reset your password, add or remove users, and update your financial professional’s information all with a few clicks. We have a full support team that is on call for 24 hours a day, with a live call center between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern, but if you need to make little changes, helpdesk.trapponline.com is always open!

Want specific instructions on how to use our Help Desk? You got ’em!

2. Trapp Technology Social Media


If you’re like nearly a billion other users, you’re on Facebook often. And guess what? We’re there, too! We dish out daily blog posts, industry-specific news, and we even like to give things away every now and then. Be sure to catch us on Twitter, too! We tweet constantly, and we love to retweet great content! If you have a quick question or suggestion, you can always reach out on social media — we’re listening! Don’t forget about LinkedIn and Google+, too!

3. Trapp Technology Community


Stop. Look around. You’re already here! But are you really using it as well as you should? Not only do we post information about the software that we host in the cloud, but we also compile great how-to posts chock full of tips, shortcuts, and helpful hints! We’re always on the go, and we bring you recaps from the industry’s premier conferences that we attend. Trapp Technology Community is the place to go for daily cloud hosting resources. My personal favorite series is Whiteboard Wednesday, where you can learn more about cloud hosting basics and Trapp Technology, explained in a quick and simple video.

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