• November 30, 2015

The Service Program Cloud Hosting Solutions

Westrom The Service Program

The Service Program Cloud Hosting Solutions

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Host The Service Program On Your Cloud

A private cloud environment is the best way to host your route management software on the cloud. It gives your data it’s own private space so you can get complete control over your software and data. You get a customized solution that is highly scalable to your needs. You can add The Service Program to your cloud and have great control over route management.

Your cloud solution is incredibly powerful when you are provided a private environment. You streamline your access to your data and your business has an easier time maintaining secure and reliable connections. Hosting The Service Program on a private cloud gives you deeper control and ensures that you do not have to share your business resources with others.

Public clouds force businesses to share resources with others and software is always kept basic to reach the widest audience. When your business needs specific tools to operate, you need to go with the cloud solution that will allow complete control. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the flexibility of remote access and take your work with you wherever you go.

The Service Program Features:
The Service Program is a route management software that is easy to use, set up, and is QuickBooks compatible. This software will boost your efficiency when planning routes, you can manage your accounts while on the go, and you have full personal training and support whenever you need it. Not to mention, you can easily integrate with your QuickBooks Data.

Boost Efficiency
The Service Program is focused on improving your efficiency with route management. Businesses have reported that their software has improved route efficiency by 200% – 300%. The software offers route planning and map generation and that simple service has allowed businesses to fit more hours into their business day.

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On the Go Management
With cloud hosting, you can take your software with you. It is instantly compatible with mobile devices and can be accessed through other computers. You can improve your customer service, organization, and communication. Keep track of all your data wherever you are. Get more flexibility by working on the field, from home, or in your office like you normally do.

Training and Support
The Service Program gives you all the tools to learn how to properly implement your software with in depth training of the software. You get access to weekly web sessions, video tutorials, phone and web support. You always have the tools to learn more and address any issues you have with the software.

QuickBooks Integration
Adding The Service Program to your QuickBooks software is a great way to streamline the accounting process. This integration will give you industry specific functionality. With it’s ease of use, you can import all your customer records into QuickBooks with one click. Save time and avoid inputting data twice.

Get The Service Program cloud hosting today!

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