• March 14, 2014

Please Step on the Scale: March Message from the CEO

Trapp Technology

Please Step on the Scale: March Message from the CEO

Please Step on the Scale: March Message from the CEO 1080 454 Trapp Technology

Spring Message from Trapp Technology CEO

Back in January, I decided to challenge the Trapp Technology staff to a health challenge. We had all indulged over the holidays, and I’m sure I don’t speak only for myself when I say we could all definitely stand to make healthier choices.

The team here at Trapp is competitive — that’s part of why I have asked them to join our company — and that competitiveness definitely translated into the health challenge! People were hitting the gym during lunch breaks, running around the Scottsdale airpark in the middle of the work day, and bringing their lunches instead of hitting up Chipotle (although, one of our team members discovered the quesarito, and he may or may not have ordered a few).

The challenge ended on March 3, but not before the team turned to creative tactics in an effort to gain the lead. Doughnuts were passed from desk to desk, cheese steaks were offered, and the support team ordered many a pizza in hopes that their colleagues will would be broken. Ultimately, the Trapp Corp. team lost a total of 65 pounds in six weeks, and I couldn’t be more proud of them!

Congratulations to the top three “losers”!


First place: DJ Jones, Vice President of Marketing, Trapp Technology. DJ lost 6.78% of his starting weight.
Second place: Brian Swartz, Internal Sales, Trapp Technology. Brian lost 5.66% of his starting weight.
Third place: Glenn Moyer, Senior Systems Administrator, Trapp Technology. Glenn lost 4.79% of his starting weight. 

Ultimately, the Trapp Health Challenge brought our team closer together, and we are all a little bit healthier because of it. I am focusing a great deal on establishing an office culture that reflects not only our passion for hard work, but also our belief that the workplace should be an extension of your personal life. We function so well as a group because we genuinely like working together, and I’m incredibly proud of the team we’ve built. (If you’re interested in joining our workforce, visit our careers page.)

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