• September 18, 2014

Momentum for Cloud Hosting Adoption in 2014 Revealed in New Study

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Momentum for Cloud Hosting Adoption in 2014 Revealed in New Study

Momentum for Cloud Hosting Adoption in 2014 Revealed in New Study 1080 454 Trapp Technology
Study reveals 2014 Cloud adoption rates, top considerations when selecting a cloud hosting provider, and anticipated benefits of cloud computing from executive and IT professionals.

It’s no secret that organizations of all sizes across the spectrum of industries have increasingly adopted cloud hosting services for mission critical processes and applications. Evolve IP’s latest survey of 1,257 executives and IT professionals about cloud adoption reveals cloud deployment in 2014 is reaching near-universal levels, in the report entitled, “Cloud of Dreams: The Adoption of Cloud Services -2014”.

According to the report, executive and IT professionals have differing views in expectations and beliefs about the cloud, yet 9 out of 10 respondent believe cloud computing is the future of IT, with 67% of them as self-described “cloud believers”.

81% of respondents have at least one cloud hosting service deployed, with 2.7 as the average of cloud services. By 2017, 75% have plans to add new or additional cloud services, such as servers and data centers, co-location and backup, and phone systems.


What are the top considerations when selecting a Cloud Hosting Service Provider?
  • Price (71%)
  • Security (65%)
  • Ease of Management Use (51%)
  • Ease of Migration (49%)
  • Availability SLA (43%).
What are the anticipated top benefits of the cloud?
  • Business Continuity (73%)
  • Flexibility (62%)
  • Scalability (61%)
  • Lower TCO (60%)
  • Simplification (38%)

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